The Coolest Cities In Saudi Arabia

Dig out those sweaters.

If you love cold weather and are planning a vacation this winter, then this list of the coolest places in the country can come in handy. From snow in the desert to freezing mountain peaks, Saudi Arabia truly is full of surprises.


Average low-temperature 5.7°C

If there’s a place in Saudi Arabia with the highest chance of seeing snow during winters, then it is the Jabal Al Lawz, which lies northwest of Tabuk. If you are looking to get an adrenaline rush, you can ski or snowboard downhill. Most of those viral photos of camels treading in the snow were shot here. So come and get captivated by the snowy hills of the almond mountain.

Seasonal Checklist

  • Camp in the Mars-like desert to the north of Tabuk
  • Chase the snow in the Northwest tip of the region
  • Experience a unique bonfire in the middle of desert fog with locals


Average low temperature 7.7°C

Sitting at an elevation of around 2,500 meters, Abha is one of the highest places in the country. With its natural elevation, Abha enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. Even during the height of winter, the temperature rarely dips below zero, so tourists can enjoy the surrounding mountainscape that the city is famous for; except that this time, the crowds are thinner.

Seasonal Checklist

  • Marvel at the carved sandstone pillers Rajajeel.
  • Spend the night under the stars at the Nufud Desert


Average low temperature 3.9°C

Searching for a spot to suit your winter needs? Sakaka is just the place. Surrounded by stunning olive farms, and rich history to be explored along with ample northern Arabian delicacies to sample.


Average low temperature 8.4°C

When summer comes, Taif is a big draw with tourists from all over the country lining up to book the last empty rooms in the city. But Taif can be equally alluring during winters as well since activities like hiking, camping, or even enjoying rides in amusement parks are still all on the table.

Seasonal Checklist

  • Take a leisurely stroll in the sprawling Rudaf Park during one of Taif’s misty mornings for an incredible photo op.
  • Relish in sizeable portions of Saleeg—the quintessential Taifi dish consumed during winters


Average low temperature 3°C

If you love cold weather and historic places, then Hail is the perfect place for you. Temperatures dip down close to zero degrees in this city, which is peppered with places of historical interest. Don’t forget to take your camping gear, tent, and firewood to create a warm fire.

History 101 Checklist

  • Feel the serenity of Al Rajhi Mosque
  • Tour the over 900-year-old Airaf Fort
  • Visit the Qishlah mud palace

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