The Arabian Winter Wonderland

Experience Snow in Tabuk!

During Winter: 4 °C – 21° C

Not only will you have the chance to experience unusual levels of cold weather for Saudi Arabia, you might even get to see some snow. With heavy snowfall in the north of Tabuk in recent years, people from around the Kingdom now visit the region to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is a very high chance that planning your trip around late December to early January this year will result in white surroundings filled with snow. 2-208183

Saudi Arabia’s northern region of Tabuk has become a popular tourist destination, more so in recent years. Regardless of whether you’re skipping the snowfall, there’s still plenty to discover here. From antiquities and archeological sites to desert campsites, it’s a two in one spot for history buffs and nature seekers. Its unique weather conditions also make it a trusted tourist destination for local residents who want to get away from the heat and experience a proper winter season.

If you’re looking for a cool, cozy, and possibly snowy getaway this winter, Tabuk may be the destination for you.

Did you Know
Tabuk houses the largest air force base in Saudi Arabia.

Wadi Al-DisahExperience Tabuk in 48 hours


Book a Tour
Take a full-day guided tour of Wadi Al Disah, a magical natural wonder of water streams and thriving palms. The tour even includes a barbecue! For those wanting to skip the comforts of a hotel, you can also opt to camp it out— just ensure you pick a site that is open to the public.


All Showered and ready to hit the town? Tabuk offers some cultural stops and the beauty of it is you can more or less cover all or at least pick one or the other to complete a day of sightseeing and wandering:

hejaz-railway-station-visit-saudi-copyTHIS OR THAT

  • Hijaz Railway and Tabuk Museum
    The early-20th-century Hijaz Railway in Tabuk is one of the best-preserved in Saudi Arabia. With recently refurbished buildings stretching over 80,000sq meters that include workshops, a locomotive, and Ottoman relics, this is a key sight for history lovers. This is also the site of the brand new state-of-the-art Tabuk Museum.
    Location: 2792 King Abdul Aziz Rd, Alaziziyah Alqadimah
  • Tabuk Castle
    Built around 1559, Tabuk Castle is now a museum housing various historical artifacts from the Ottoman Empire, where you can also learn about the fascinating history of Tabuk.
    Location: Al Amir Fahd Ibn Sultan Rd, Al’awayshah

Rebuilt by the Ottomans in 1652, this historically significant mosque is a must-see, as it is allegedly where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed after arriving for the Battle of Tabuk.

Location: Al’awayshah
Mob: +966-501311396

Must BUY Kalinga Souvenir, bags, bedouin rugs and cushions.

Must BUY Kalinga Souvenir, bags, bedouin rugs, and cushions.


  • Tabuk Souq

Roam around the Tabuk Souq, which is split into four parts that include a sports souq, thobes, abayas, and gold jewelry. This souq is perfect on a Friday afternoon, and even includes a section specializing in South Asian food called the Bangala Bazaar.

  • Souq Twaheen

This souq is filled with character. Located in the city’s old quarter, this souq is where the local Bedouin come to purchase their goat-hair tent covers, as well as their other modern-day needs. You can also get fabulous and authentic rugs, cushions, and even camel saddles that the Bedouin use to furnish their tents



  • Al Qaryah Al Turathiyah

With its recreation of the traditional Saudi home decor and its staple Saudi dishes, this restaurant allows for a fully authentic dining experience.
Location: Opposite Hala Hotel, King Khalid St.

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