Thai oh Thai! Thai Gallery’s Heavenly Plates

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As you enter Thai Gallery’s space, you are instantly welcomed by Thailand’s rich culture and aromatic flavors filling the space with an authentic aura.

Being a franchise from Marbella’s Thai Gallery, be prepared to experience an atmosphere like no other in an interior full of unique vibes. Let’s talk FOOD!

Thai Gallery’s menu ranges in a selection of authentic tastes brought from the land of Thailand and served on the Jeddawi tables. From appetizers and main courses to their vibrant drinks, get ready to indulge in all with Thai Gallery.


Let’s dissect the ‘Appetizers’:




  • Prawn Satay 

Hosted by the Turmeric Powder, Curry Powder, Garlic, Coriander, and Coconut milk, The Prawn Satay is landed on your table with a side of peanut cream sauce and cucumber relish giving it a delectable taste.



  • Beef Tamarind 

The diced beef is mixed with ingredients including garlic, lemon grass, coriander, cumin seeds, and of course, Tamarind sauce with spicy flavors.



  • Thai Style Beef Salad 

Red onions, Kaffir Lime leaves, roasted rice, chili powder, and more garnish the juicy and delicious Slide grilled Sirloin Steak.



  • Thai Gallery Spring Rolls

Giving hints of vegetables! Thai Gallery’s Spring rolls is home to a selection of delicious ingredients from carrots, spring onions, black mushrooms, cabbage, and glass noodles.



  • Tom Yum Soup 

We always say yes to hot and spicy flavors. Their Tom Yum soup gives flavors of the traditional Thai soup served with fresh herbs, roasted chili paste, mushrooms, fish sauce, and fresh lime juice.


Main Course:



  • Pad Thai Chicken 

‘Pad Thai’ is the definition of flavorsome! The Pad thai dish is hosted by shredded pieces of chicken stir-fried with egg and Tamarind Sauce.



  • Lobster Red Curry 

Hello! The delicious Lobster Red Curry was placed on our table in a pineapple bowl giving us the temptation to try it out as it was hosted by cherry tomatoes, pineapple, grape, and basil leaves marinated in red curry sauce.



  • Angus Beef with Black Pepper Sauce 

Their delicious and juicy 130 grams of Beef Angus is marinated with spring onions, carrots, onion, and bell peppers giving it tasteful flavors.



Mojitos, all the way! 


  • Passion Fruit Mojito. This Mojito was filled with flavors of lime, mint, fresh passion fruit seeds, and syrup.



  • Mixed Berries Mojito. The mixed berries Mojito is home to a fruity drink served so appetizingly to our taste buds.

The night ended on a good note, dinner at Thai Gallery was definitely a good one! The Destination KSA team will definitely be back soon.


Instagram: Thai Gallery

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