Teasers Mini Reviews on the Latest Dining Spots in Town

America Meets Italy in the Best Way;
Seventy 7 Burger and Pizza

Located in the U-shape center in Rawdah, this young and classy restaurant will not confuse you with too many options. The bright ambience is complemented by funky green details and artful decor. We recommend The Special Black Pizza, which is the organic pizza of your dreams, and of course, the brownie for dessert.

11A Bite From Every Corner of the World;
The Sandwich Gallery

Also located in the U-shape center in Rawdah, The Sandwich Gallery is the foodie and traveller’s dream come true. Each item on the menu is reminiscent of cities from every corner of the world. The Philadelphia is a delicious Philly cheesesteak wrapped in the softest and freshest bread imaginable, while the Damascus is a juicy chicken shawarma.

12Maya La Chocolatarie

Maya La Chocolatarie is a dining experience dedicated entirely to chocolate in all its amazing forms. Their hot chocolate is one of the best in Jeddah. The soothing ambience is just one of the things that’ll refresh you. The network of big pipes carrying white and milk chocolate will give you an idea about just how abundant chocolate is in this place of retreat.

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