Tapas Festival at Burj Rafal Kempinski with Chef Alvaro

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When it comes to the munching scene in Riyadh, its safe to say that life really couldn’t be fuller, although, there has been a slight gap in the authentic Spanish fare.

And now we are grateful to Kempinski’s Grand restaurant, for inviting all you taste connoisseurs to experience a new and unique food journey through an outstanding culinary experience called the “Festival de Tapas.”

Hotel’s guest Chef Alvaro, one of the pioneers in his field is presenting an additional flair to the dinner buffet with freshly prepared tapas artistically put together to give guests not only an impeccable savoury experience but also a special leisure family time from 18– 29 November 2015.

Festival de Tapas is a fresh concept bringing forward a Mediterranean flair to Kempinski’s all-day-dining buffet restaurant. And besides the international buffet items presented the guests can experience authentic tapas for the first time in Riyadh.

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