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Tahir’s House: A Hilarious Saudi Comedy Coming to Netflix

Laugh with 'Tahir's House' on Netflix

Step inside Tahir’s House and meet the hilarious business gurus of Jeddah.

Get ready for a laughter-packed adventure with “Tahir’s House,” a comedy series exclusively on Netflix starting September 6. Join a quirky Jeddah family of aspiring entrepreneurs as they tackle the challenge of turning their struggling fish shop into a successful business.

Chaos and comedy blend with sacrifice and brotherhood in this heartwarming and side-splitting show. The series, comprising 6 parts, showcases Saudi humor and culture, promising an entertaining experience. The plot follows a family facing a crucial situation: their fish store is on the brink of bankruptcy. With a sudden burst of inspiration, they embark on an unexpected journey to revamp their fortunes and explore a new market.

The story unfolds with hilarious mishaps and challenges while the family learns valuable lessons about unity, sacrifice, and cherishing family bonds. Amid the chaos, they realize that success isn’t just about business—it’s about treasuring one another.


Meet the lively cast that brings “Tahir’s House” to life: Mohammed Bakhash as Jumaa, the comedic head of the household; Alhashimi Alfaisal as Yousef, the passionate but unlucky son; Mohammed Alfaraa as Karim, Yousef’s mischievous partner; Joud Alsufyani as Azizah, the determined and brainy daughter; and Naimah Ahmad as Lutfiya, the spirited and bold grandmother.

Don’t miss the laughter and heartwarming moments in “Tahir’s House.” Save the date—September 6—for an exclusive Netflix premiere. Get ready to enjoy a comedy that celebrates family, humor, and life’s lessons in a uniquely Saudi way.

Watch the trailer here

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