Surf and Chakras Part II: How to be a Saudi Surf Goddess in Bali

By: Coach Sara
This is the continuation of Coach Sara’s solo adventure in Bali, Indonesia, if you missed the first part, revisit it here: Surf and Chakras Part I: How to be a Saudi Surf goddess in Bali

At 10 AM everyday, the 30-minute bus ride from Villa Serena to Rip Curl Surfing School were like mini therapy sessions for the four us: Alison, Karen, Genevieve and I. We were unknowingly sharing intimate stories about our struggles, fears and insecurities, from divorces and child support to feeling overwhelmed at work. We supported each other, cried, laughed and sat in silence consumed in our inner thoughts.

“What do you usually do to calm your nerves?” asked Karen, as I was fidgeting on my seat on my way to my first surfing class. Ever! I was a ball of nerves not knowing what to expect. I was trying to relate to past experiences and the only one that came to mind was a skiing lesson I took once decades ago. My instructor at the time had told me, “You will always be scared of falling until you actually fall, then you will realize it wasn’t that scary after all.” Life lesson alert. I also focused on how relieved I would feel after this stressful event was over.


Genevieve and I were beginner surfers so we got a special 101 surfing class on sand by professional surfer instructors. We didn’t know each other much, but it was nice having her there in a similar situation to the one I was in. We supported each other, encouraged each other and playfully made fun of each other. Screaming, “you got it, girl” and “good job” whenever we caught a wave was a comfort.


My first day was a disaster but it was a blast. I can’t believe I was so nervous on my way to the surfing school and how over the moon I was leaving it. Another life lesson alert: you won’t know if you like or dislike something until you actually try it. I caught a couple of waves by day two and that’s when I officially added “professional surfer” to my resume.


On my last day of surfing, I took a moment to absorb the madness. I saw surfing students of all ages trying yet again to balance on their surfboards. Locals selling hats and sunglasses on the beach, puppies chasing each other, friends gathered around a musical instrument; I was in a surfing paradise. I felt the hot sand between my toes, the warm waves of the Indian oceans, the fears, the silliness, the ability to make fun of myself, and the recognition of what my body was capable of. It was truly empowering. Genevieve and I rode the bus again looking forward to stretching our muscles and heal our egos in our second daily yoga session.


Part III is all about yoga, shakras, food and chillaxin’… stay tuned

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