Superlative Summer Stimulant

Beat the heat with these refreshing lemonades.

To make your life sweet and zesty, here are a few simple lemony concoctions which will make your desert summer revitalizing, energizing and more bearable.

Mint Lemonade

liwancafe_khobar_2017_aa-1Believed to be originated from Syria or Turkey, mint lemonade is a popular and utterly ubiquitous Middle Eastern drink.  A blend of mint, ice and lemon juice, this can be made at home or enjoyed in any of the local juice bars (and most restaurants) in Sharqiya. Be on the watch for its slush or smoothie editions as well!

DS Pick: Cafe Liwan

Instagram: liwan_cafe
Location: Gosaibi Village, Prince Turki St., Khobar / Othaim Mall, Dammam

Rose-Flavored Lemonade

rose-flavored-lemonadeRose-flavored lemonade is an easy spin on the traditional variety. All you need to do is add rose water according to your preference (1/4 – 1 teaspoon) and you’ve got yourself a refreshing concoction.

DS Tip: Garnish with some fresh rose petals for that perfect floral pitcher.

Black Lemonade

byparkers_khobar_2017_aa-1In the list of fancy health drinks, black lemonade is creating waves these days. Infused with activated charcoal, this not-so-good-looking creation is described to be great as a detox and to give your metabolism a boost. Be a little adventurous and give it a try; this drink just might turn out to be your body’s best friend.

DS Pick:Parker’s

Instagram: byparkers
Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahd Rd., Khobar

Rooh Afza Lemonade

Rooh Afza (literally “nourishing the soul”) is a century-old concentrated mix of herbs, fruits, flowers and even a few vegetables. With its vibrant red color, this might not be your typical lemon-based beverage but if you squeeze the right amount of lemon in it, we guarantee you that it will awaken your senses, invigorate your body and possibly even become your all-time favorite summer addiction. Just mix together some water, sugar, Rooh Afza and lemon juice, serve it at a pool party or enjoy it on a lazy afternoon.

Buy a bottle of Rooh Afza at: Lulu Hypermarket or any local Indian or Pakistani grocery store.  

Elderflower Lemonade

This summer why not take your senses on a little adventure by trying the floral and fragrant stylings of elderflower lemonade. These small white starry flowers are believed to have medicinal characteristics and are widely used in beverages due to their unique flavoring properties. On a hot summer day, this sweet and tart blend is the perfect solution to soothe your senses and energize your body.

DS Pick: Big Chefs

Instagram: bigchefsksa
Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahd Rd., Khobar

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