Fun Field Trips

field trip places

Where to take your kids for quality edutainment Field Trips.

field trip places

Forget those school trips to the Kleenex factory of the past, nowadays there are a lot more interesting places to take students for a fun and educational class trip. Check out these locales!

1. Sultan bin Abdulaziz Center for Science and Technology – Scitech

scitech_khobar_2016_aa-8Scitech is a wonderful place of learning for children ranging from four years-old to… as old as you like. It has plenty to offer, exploring all kinds of scientific topics such as the solar system, human body, magnets, nuclear technology, oceans and so much more. Children can also watch educational movies in the IMAX dome or have a stellar experience in the observatory.

Location: Corniche Rd., Khobar
Social: scitech_edu

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2. Heritage Village

hirtagevillage_dammam_2015_aa-1For a lesson in the history of Saudi Arabia, students will love a walk down memory lane at the Heritage Village. This historical site is a five-story building where kids can explore the districts of Najd, Aseer, Al Baha and the Eastern Province. There is also a museum inside consisting of ancient antiques and manuscripts.

Location: Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Rd., Dammam
Instagram: Heritage-Village 

3. Gymboree

gymboreeplayandlearn_khobar_2016_aa-3Gymboree is regarded as a pioneer in early childhood development, nurturing communication, ingenuity and confidence through age-appropriate activities and perfect for your little ones.

Location: Al Subeai Tower Building, King Fahd Rd. (Opposite Al Falak Building, across from Silver Tower), Khobar
Tel: +966-13-8873830
Instagram: gymboreekhobar 

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4. Café Céramique

Café Céramique is an innovative café where children ages seven and above can explore their creative side through ceramic painting. As an added bonus, they can also learn about a range of subjects through their painting, including history, sciences and even geometry.

Location: Fouad Centre, Prince Turki St., Khobar
Mob: +966-501235577
Twitter: ceramiqueKsa

5. Ceramique A La Carte Café

ceramique-a-la-carte-cafe_khobar_2017_aa-4This is a wonderful place where all children can use art as a medium of learning. Ceramic painting is playful, creative and can keep kids busy for hours.

Location: Gate 5, 3rd Floor, Al Rashid Mall, Khobar  
Tel: +966-13-8952622
Instagram: ceramiquealacarte_rashidmall

6. Stationary Fantasies

stationary-fantasies-_khobar_2017_aa-3This place has got everything a young mind needs to discover, learn and enjoy including activity centers like cooking classes, shooting gallery, a sandbox area, art work and even climbing.

Location: Gate 7, Amwaj Mall, Doha, Dhahran
Tel: +966-13-8683117


Screen Time

Edutainment apps to keep your kids busy this summer.

Everywhere you go, you’ll see children of all ages hooked to various kinds of gadgets playing games or YouTubing. While an easy babysitter, instead of harmful screen time why not make it more interactive and educational? It’s going to be a long summer, so now’s the best time to get them started on a little e-learning.

To that end, here’s a roundup of free educational apps which will keep your child busy learning all summer.

Islamic Apps

……………………….maxresdefault phone

Imparting a proper religious education is a critical step towards a child’s character development and the internet is full of informative Islamic apps for children of all ages. These apps can teach duas and supplications, read Quran and even just introduce them to the basics of the religion.


  • Muslim Kids guide Salah & Wudu (Ages 3 and up)
  • Kids Dua Series (Ages 1-9 years)
  • Lil Muslim – Kids Islamic Pack (Ages 3 and up)

Math Apps

big-fishThis is an excellent way to get your child to practice basic mathematical concepts during the holidays.

Try any of the following and watch your child become a math wizard!

  • Math Training for Kids (Ages 3 and up)
  • Let’s Do the Math (Ages 6 and up)
  • Thinking Blocks Multiplication (Ages 7-10)
  • Kids Preschool Numbers & Math (Ages 5 and under)

Science Apps

iphone-6s-silverThese apps are a great way to explore the magical world of science. Some of them of animated movies and hands-on activities, making it more engaging for the young users. They also include interactive quizzes which a child can take to see how much he or she has learned.

Our picks:

  • Video Science (Ages 4 and above)
  • Amazing Science facts (Ages 3 and above)

English Learning Apps

English isn’t our primary language, so many children struggle with speaking, reading with other fundamental English-language skills. To help support them, there are plenty of apps to help give them a boost to their word-wielding ways.

  • English for kids free game (Ages 3 and above)
  • Duolingo (Ages 3 and above)
  • LearnEnglish Kids: Videos (Ages 6 to 12)


Local Lap of Luxury

Grand getaways without actually getting away.

Summer is synonymous with travel, but if you can’t get out this year, why not plan a little stay-cation right here in Sharqiya? We’ve got a number of beautiful beach resorts for the perfect seashore escape.

Capture the true essence of summer with our go-to guide for the best beach resorts of the region.


Holiday Inn Resort Half Moon Bay

holiday-inn-resort-al-khobar-2532459975-16x5Located in the Azizyah district right at Half Moon Bay, this place is comparable to any international beach resort. Stay in one of their spacious villas or guest room and enjoy a swim in one of the three family-friendly swimming pools while enjoying the lovely view of the bay. Also, if you are looking for that perfect place to mix business with pleasure, the staff here will be more than willing to help you plan business dinners, seminars and training days.

Tel: +966-13-8963333

Movenpick Beach Resort Al Khobar

Make the most of the summer by taking a day off from your daily life and booking a quiet retreat at Movenpick Beach Resorts. An amalgamation of Arabian traditions with contemporary inspirations, you owe it to yourself to check this place out. Located only 25 minutes away from Khobar proper, it has 36 spacious villas housed with basic amenities. Spend a day at the private lagoon beach or at the outdoor swimming pool and dine at one of the onsite restaurants. This resort is exclusive to families only.

Tel: +966-13-8492999

Dana Beach Resorts

Looking for a time out from your hectic routine and just want to relish a sunny outdoor experience? Dana Beach Resorts is packed with exciting recreational activities including Equestrian sports with professional trainers, private and family pools, a dive club and so much more. This beach front hotel has 111 villas out, the majority of which face the beach. 20 villas have private infinity pools or Jacuzzis and another 32 are situated amidst green gardens. Ladies can rejuvenate at the spa while the men can have fun at the Marina. It’s an unforgettable outing for the whole family!



Lagoona Beach Resorts

Bahrain still counts as a staycation, right? Shh, yes it does. Especially Lagoona Beach Resorts which is just five minutes off the causeway. Boasting some of the biggest rooms around, this resort will make you feel right at home. You can choose from a wide range of exciting activities such as fishing, dolphin watching, jet skiing, scuba diving, water skiing, wake boarding, ringo riding and parasailing. Be it for business or just a weekend getaway, this place is the perfect paradise to indulge in.


Ritz-Carlton Beach Resorts

Elegance is the keyword to best describe this city resort. Experience luxury at its best and plan your next holiday at the Ritz-Carlton Beach Resorts. It offers all the perfect ingredients for a memorable vacation: great location, great food and a great environment. Located close enough to the charming city of Manama, there’ still plenty to do in the resort, including a revitalizing spa, a refreshing beach area and don’t forget dining at any of the hotel’s eleven restaurants and lounges. From Arabian and Mediterranean fare to Indian and Mexican delights, there’s a heavenly treat for whatever your taste buds desire.



When Art and Words Collide

Artist Saman Sohail helps us visualize “Visual Words”.

The Words Bookstore Café in Bahrain recently launched “Visual Words”, an illustrated dictionary that features poetry by Anushka Gupta paired with artwork by Saman Sohail. In an exclusive interview, Sohail shares her insight on this creative collaboration.

What is the inspiration behind “Visual Words”?

As designers, travelers and observers of the world, telling stories through our work has always been significant. Each word we chose represents an expression of dreams, hopes, loves, heartbreaks, courage and discovery which all of us have experienced at some point in our lives. The alphabet offers endless opportunities to select words that describe those emotions. The book carves a story of its own because each person who explores it becomes a part of its journey.

Tell us about the creative process.

I was sharing a series of abstract watercolor circles “The #PaintedCircleSeries” on Instagram which were inspired by various quotes and poems. Anushka sent me a message of appreciation when I painted a few verses she had written and we ended up talking about a collaborative project.visualwordksbook_source_4

We narrowed down 38 words from the English language that resonated with us and that embraced various emotions within them. Anushka would choose a word, then string more of them together to lend beautiful meaning to them in poetry. I would then take the poetry and paint my abstract interpretation of her words in watercolor. The book took about a year and a half to complete.

What does “Visual Words” mean to you?

“Visual Words” came to us at a challenging time in both of our lives. It helped us to deal with, express and even resolve certain emotions and ideas. We’ve woven pieces of our souls into each letter and every streak of color.

Visual Words is now available at Words Bookstore.

Location: Palm Square, Budaiya Highway, Bahrain


Superlative Summer Stimulant

Beat the heat with these refreshing lemonades.

To make your life sweet and zesty, here are a few simple lemony concoctions which will make your desert summer revitalizing, energizing and more bearable.

Mint Lemonade

liwancafe_khobar_2017_aa-1Believed to be originated from Syria or Turkey, mint lemonade is a popular and utterly ubiquitous Middle Eastern drink.  A blend of mint, ice and lemon juice, this can be made at home or enjoyed in any of the local juice bars (and most restaurants) in Sharqiya. Be on the watch for its slush or smoothie editions as well!

DS Pick: Cafe Liwan

Instagram: liwan_cafe
Location: Gosaibi Village, Prince Turki St., Khobar / Othaim Mall, Dammam

Rose-Flavored Lemonade

rose-flavored-lemonadeRose-flavored lemonade is an easy spin on the traditional variety. All you need to do is add rose water according to your preference (1/4 – 1 teaspoon) and you’ve got yourself a refreshing concoction.

DS Tip: Garnish with some fresh rose petals for that perfect floral pitcher.

Black Lemonade

byparkers_khobar_2017_aa-1In the list of fancy health drinks, black lemonade is creating waves these days. Infused with activated charcoal, this not-so-good-looking creation is described to be great as a detox and to give your metabolism a boost. Be a little adventurous and give it a try; this drink just might turn out to be your body’s best friend.

DS Pick:Parker’s

Instagram: byparkers
Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahd Rd., Khobar

Rooh Afza Lemonade

Rooh Afza (literally “nourishing the soul”) is a century-old concentrated mix of herbs, fruits, flowers and even a few vegetables. With its vibrant red color, this might not be your typical lemon-based beverage but if you squeeze the right amount of lemon in it, we guarantee you that it will awaken your senses, invigorate your body and possibly even become your all-time favorite summer addiction. Just mix together some water, sugar, Rooh Afza and lemon juice, serve it at a pool party or enjoy it on a lazy afternoon.

Buy a bottle of Rooh Afza at: Lulu Hypermarket or any local Indian or Pakistani grocery store.  

Elderflower Lemonade

This summer why not take your senses on a little adventure by trying the floral and fragrant stylings of elderflower lemonade. These small white starry flowers are believed to have medicinal characteristics and are widely used in beverages due to their unique flavoring properties. On a hot summer day, this sweet and tart blend is the perfect solution to soothe your senses and energize your body.

DS Pick: Big Chefs

Instagram: bigchefsksa
Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahd Rd., Khobar