Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Summer Lovin; Beach Turfin’

Summer Lovin; Beach Turfin’

Head to the Red Sea coastline around the Kingdom on a sunny day, and be pleasantly surprised by the sensational stretches of sand, stunning shorelines, and pristine beaches.

Up & Down
The West Coast

Public Beaches

1. Umluj Beach, UMLUJ
This white sand beach is also well-known for being the home of dolphins. Take a boat ride and spot do dolphins skipping through the waves: they make for some great photo ops too.

2. ThuwalBeach, JEDDAH
Just an 8Okm ride from Jeddah, Thuwal Beach is a perfect Saudi seaside setting, with beach huts, sandcastle real estate, and barefoot walks along the big blue.

3. HaqlBeach, HAQL
Just 55km south of Haqlcity.this beach is known for its turquoise sea, which harbors the wreck of a cargo ship. With breathtaking views and the majestic mountains that outline the Haq! Beach makes it a pristine destination to visit.

4. Yanbu Waterfront, YANBU
An enormous sandy stretch, pretty beaches, and of course, marine life: Yanbu has the perfect combo. Yanbu’s Waterfront is a perfect place to roll your trousers up, splash through the shallows.and have some epic beachside fun.

5. Farasan Islands, JIZAN
The Farasan Islands are known for their clear seas, dreamlike beaches and coral reefs. From diving hotspots to peaceful coves, this destination is a true Saudi gem.

Hop on to the Farasan ferry that takes you to the Farasan Island; offering two to three trips per day from Jizan to Farasan. Boat trips are also available.


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