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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Summer Camps for Kiddos

Summer Camps for Kiddos
By Jou Pabalate

Enroll your children at the nearest camp in the city and they’ll be thanking you for saving summer!

5Summer Camp
Ran by Kindergarten teachers, Summer Camp offers cooking, outdoor and indoor games, arts and crafts, puppet shows, storytelling and drama as part of their program.

Location: Al Rahmaniyah
Instagram: @summer_cmp


6Sunshine Summer Camp
Also on Instagram and organized by Kindergarten teachers (we’re seeing a trend here), they offer evening camps instead for children 4.5 to 8 years old. They have all the regular activities but also offer Qur’an classes.
Instagram: @sunshine_camp
Mob: +966-500831972 / 555097955

7My Gym
The day camps at My Gym are designed to give children a unique program every time they come in. They offer everything from fitness games, gymnastics, arts and crafts as well as music and other activities. The goal of My Gym is to keep children active and harness physical development through hours of play.

Location: Panorama Mall, Takhassussi St.


The Learning Zone
A favorite after school center and summer camp for Riyadhis, The Learning Zone offers everything from art and science classes to sweet sports. The great thing about it is that the classes are structured in a way that follows a really diverse set of programs to pique any child’s interest. On the other hand, another great way to be creative is through the Nutty Scientists, wherein kids get to do experiments and build stuff using the magic of science.

Location: Takhassussi St.
Tel: +966-11-4703444


8Al Manahil Ladies Center
SWIMMING! What is summer without hitting the pool? Al Manahil has been running swimming courses for children since forever and has taught a lot of us how not to drown. From beginner to advanced courses, your little ones will definitely learn how to waddle, paddle and stroke. Also, Al Manahil is one of the few places we know that runs tennis and taekwondo classes for your less aquatic children.

Location: Diplomatic Quarter
Tel: +966-11-4881069


Gymboree Riyadh
What’s unique with Gymboree is that they’re offering day camp even for babies aged 18 to 35 months called Tots Camp.

Location: Al Olaya St.
Tel: +966-11-4552904



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