Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Suite Spot

Suite Spot

The Merchant House Hotel: Coveted Hospitality in Bahrain.

There are times when it becomes a necessity that you escape to a cozy, tranquil getaway free of pressing responsibilities. Relationship goals then translate into rejoicing in the pleasant company of a flavorful, fulfilling meal. Warm feelings of nights spent alone sipping on “gahwa” rekindle, and daydreams of slumbers uninterrupted by pesky morning alarms bring you tremendous comfort. Seek remedy at The Merchant House Hotel in Bahrain, and on the spur of the moment, file for that leave!rooftop-pool-copy

This award-winning 5-star luxury boutique hotel, part of Campbell Gray Hotels’ line-up, is curated with great sophistication. Over 200 original contemporary pieces ornament the reception area, corridors, and rooms. The all-suite accommodation also features bespoke furniture, with fabric design and internal decor that blends eloquently with the overall aesthetic. Suites have an open-plan kitchenette and sitting area, a king or super king bed you literally sink in, and a bathroom.the-library-1-copy

“If you have a garden and a library, you have all you need.” A statement quoted by Marcus Cicero, embraced by Gordon Campbell Gray, and embodied within The Merchant House Hotel. Indigo, the hotel’s rooftop restaurant with a garden terrace and bar, serves à la carte breakfast, Friday brunch, lunch, and dinner. Delicious dishes inspired by the Mediterranean and Asian cuisines will please your palate. Overlooking the lobby on the mezzanine floor is a stunning library that features around 1,000 especially curated books. Located right next to Bab Al Bahrain, downtown Manama and nearby the financial harbor, this is a great accommodation whether the intent is business or leisure. So book for your next visit there today and enjoy your stay!

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Why we think The Merchant House Hotel would be worth your two cents:

1. En-suite freezer and ice cubes. N-ice
2. Books available in all suites for your leisure.
3. Use of paper straws and recyclable packaging for bathroom toiletries following a no-single-use plastic product policy that’s environmentally friendly. De-GREAT-able
4. Use of chemical-free and herbal toiletries.
5. Bedside electronic console that conveniently allows you to control the AC and lights in all parts of the suite. There’s a nice option allowing for night lights too for those of you who don’t like to sleep in total darkness.
6. The English Afternoon Tea served in the library on weekends includes recipes inspired by Gordon Campbell Gray’s grandmother and delicious freshly baked scones!
7. You can book an art tour with your afternoon tea for a well-rounded experience. Ar-TEA


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