SUHOOR FOR CHAMPIONS Around the Table in 30 Days

By Areeb Al Shathry

We’ve brought you some of our favorite suhoor meals from around the world.

Ramazan Kebabi

Grilled lamb cubes served with onions and yogurt.
DR recommends: Topkapi restaurant for all things Turkish.

Foul Medames

Cooked fava beans flavored with cumin, served with a side of pickles.
DR Tip: There’s a foul place in every neighborhood. Though we do have a soft spot for Fawwal Abu Numan.

Spinach and White Cheese Cakes

A fluffy baked pastry stuffed with white cheese and spinach.

Khyar with Laban

A mix of yogurt and cucumbers flavored with mint and garlic.
DR Recommends: Burj Al Hammam for all things Lebanese.


Saudi Arabia
Pancake made with dates, served with corn syrup and fruit yogurt.
Where to buy if you can’t make: they actually sell this in Danube and local bakeries during Ramadan. You can also get them at Najdi Village.

Banana Kolak

A classic Indonesian dessert made with coconut milk, pandan with jackfruit, tapioca pearls, sweet potato and plantains.

Paratha with Channa Masala

Chana Masala is a popular spicy gravy dish in Pakistani and Indian cuisine.  The main ingredient in Chana Masala is chickpeas called chana or chole in urdu. The paratha can also be eaten with scrabbled eggs or sweet Semolina pudding.
DR recommends: Kashmir Restaurant, Exit 12, Rawdah

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