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8 Useful Websites Students Should Stick To

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By Aabiya Noman Baqai

In today’s time, resources for students are only click away but sometimes it takes ages to find what you’re looking for.

We have decided to make this ordeal easy for you by listing some useful websites for high school and university students that can come in handy in different situations.
This website has been created for people who have a hard time proofreading all their research papers and essays. By signing up, Grammarly proofreads your entire document highlighting grammatical and spelling mistakes that simple Word software won’t be able to do.
This is for all those research paper victims who take longer to cite their work than the actual research itself. You just have to put in the information in the provided slots, press enter then you’ll have a reference/citation ready for you in APA format.
This website is a word frequency counter that counts the number of times you have repeated the use of a certain word. It helps in making your essay sound more professional and less redundant.
As the name suggests, this website helps with all sorts of geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics etc math problems. It won’t give you the process of how it came to the solution but it’s a good homework helper.
This website is one of the best tutorial websites especially for design related fields. From photography to graphic design and even business related courses, offers a wide variety of video tutorials students can sign up for.
Khan Academy is also a course website that offers lessons on a wide variety of subjects such as math, science and English. It also has a great combination of video tutorials, practice tests and information that both students and teachers can access.
This website is perfect for students looking for scholarship, conference and fellowship opportunities around the world. They also have a Twitter account and newsletter that you can sign up for, to get latest updates on opportunities around the world. It is a great resource for students in this region.
This is an online alarm clock for those who have lost their phone or don’t have a manual alarm clock to help them wake up.

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