Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Steaming Hot and Ready

Steaming Hot and Ready

Brave the cold for a mug of warm favorites.


Caribou Coffee: High Rise Caramel

Perfect for the Riyadhi with a sweet tooth, their cream and drizzle is the best we’ve ever had. Add in the pretty cups and we’re good to go.

Instagram: cariboucoffeesa
Location: Marina Mall, Sahara Mall, Tahlia St., Hayat Mall, and more.


Maya Café: Crunchy Hot Chocolate

This cup of warmth and smooth goodness delivers a beautiful surprise with every sip. It’s like a tight hug with an extra squeeze in the end for good measure. Don’t get it? Try it out, feel the warmth of hot chocolate, feel the choco balls melt in your mouth and then chew.

Instagram: mayalachocolaterie
Location: Home Offices, Orubah St.


El Dorado: White Stallion Chai

Off all the chais available in the city, this is our absolute favorite. Flavorful, and with enough warmth to melt even Saruman’s insides, El Dorado has their mix down to the tee. Tea? Either way, it has us punning horribly.

Instagram: eldorado_ksa
Location: Prince Abdulaziz Rd.


Waynes: Chai Latte

THE place to go if you’re craving any kind of latte, but we’re particularly in like with their chai latte. The right level of sweet and with the proper consistency, it’s sure to give you enough energy to brave the cold.

Instagram: waynescoffeeksa
Location: Panorama Mall, Takhassosi St., Hitteen Plaza


Caffe Bene: Five Grain

The healthiest of them all, Caffe Bene’s five grain hot milk tastes a bit like the milk from a bowl of whole-grain Cheerios, which isn’t such a bad thing. At the very least, you will feel no guilt consuming this one.

Instagram: caffebene_ksa
Location: Takhassosi St.


Acoustic Tea Lounge: Rose Latte

Whoever likes rose flavor will really enjoy this and come back for it, and the idea of rose and coffee actually went surprisingly well.

Instagram: acoustictealounge
Location: Tahlia St.


Marriott Riyadh Hotel: Sahlab

This drink took us back to the streets of Istanbul on a beautiful snowy day. This Ottoman inspired favorite is a milky mug of goodness specially made in a thick consistency served with nuts and cinnamon, giving your tummy that warm hug it needs on a chilly night.

Instagram: riyadhmarriott
Location: King Saud Rd.

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