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Staying fit within a budget

How to Stay Fit on a Budget

With the announcement of the new budget this year, people are freaking out a bit about how to continue some of the more ‘expensive habits’ and still manage the price increases. We don’t want you to sacrifice your fitness and health in the process, so here’s how you can stay fit within a budget:

1. Swap face-to-face training with online training
There are countless tutorials available online to help you with the type of workout routine you’re looking for.

Fitness Blender
Turbulence Training
Make Your Body Work


2. Taking regular walks/running
While this may seem hard considering the lack of walking culture in the city, you can actually take some time out during the week to walk at the Corniche or walkways around town. Even just go to a mall for a good walk. You can check out a list of walkways in The Kingdom here:

Jeddah Walkways
Riyadh Walkways


3. Do chores around the house
Here’s a reason for you to not procrastinate your chores. It’s a great way to exercise your muscles.


4. Cut out junk food
A more obvious one, cutting out on junk food really does help. Really.


5. Buy exercise equipment
It’s a long-term investment that will amount to being much cheaper than signing up for a gym. Equipment is available in the following stores:

El Faleh


6. Old school workouts
The standard stretches, push-ups, crunches etc. make a lot of difference. Fancy methods aren’t always the best way to go.

Sit Ups Tutorial
Push Ups Tutorial
Stretches Tutorial


7. Dance
You don’t have to be a pro dancer for this. Just YouTube a dance tutorial and you’re set.

Dance Tutorials


8. Using apps on your phone
Besides Snapchat and Whatsapp, today’s phones actually have countless apps for fitness and health. Utilize them. You’re capable of much more than just typing fast. Here are some apps you can use:

Pocket Yoga


9. Drink lots of water
This is the typical, “drink 8 glasses of water everyday” advice. It does wonders by getting rid of all the toxins and extra fats. You can keep track of how much water your body needs with this hydration calculator:

Hydration Calculator


10. Look out for gym membership discounts/offers
If you’re still not really motivated at home, look out for discount offers at local gyms. There are many promotions around the year.

Bagedo Fit
Gold’s Gym
Fitness First
Fitness Time


11. Bulk Buying
Bulk stocks of food and groceries can actually help you cut down on overall costs. You won’t be tempted to re-stock in a long time.


12. Save leftovers
Whenever you have leftovers, whether at home or at a restaurant, do not waste them. You can eat them the next day. Microwaves were created for a reason, guys.


13. Buy in Season
Buying fruits and vegetables in season significantly affects the prices. Look out for seasonal discounts at groceries and fruit/vegetable markets. Here’s some local grocery websites that show the prices:

Panda Stores
Danube Stores
List of Fresh Farm Markets in Riyadh


14. Eat at home
Though it may seem like more effort, but a freshly cooked homemade meal is a delightful experience on its own. Once you start, you can’t stop. If you happen to be lazy with cooking, here’s a link to some healthy recipes:.

Sports Drink
Low Carb Pizza
Quick Recipes
BBQ Meals
Desk Snacks


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