Why It's Better To Start University In Spring Semester

Although it is unlikely for most people to start college during the spring semester, it is not uncommon.

In fact, more and more universities around the world are making a spring start a possible option to consider. Still though, most people prefer to embark on their new academic journey during the fall arguing the many drawbacks of starting later in the year.  While that can be partially true, starting in the spring is not a total fallback. And just like beginning in the spring is not fit for everyone, neither is beginning in the fall.

If you are amongst the growing minority faced with the option of a spring start and feel like you need a list of pros and cons, we’ve got it!


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  • The weather is usually pleasant. Spring is right around the corner.
  • You can take a semester off to think about what it is that you really want to do. 
  • You can travel, participate in some exchange program, or even do some volunteer work that will make you more whole and add to your memory book.
  • You can get a job and save up for the upcoming semester.
  • You have a higher chance of being accepted to your chosen programs since there are fewer applicants.
  • Everyone is less stressed as the summer break is right around the corner.

Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com

  • Because you’re the new person in, you feel awkward and out of place. Those who made it in the fall semester have built enough connection with certain groups and bonded with some students.
  • Depending on where you’ll be attending college, It might be really cold.
  • You feel lost. Everybody knows where the administration building is and what you need to do to get a library card and so on, except you. They had the fall semester experience to build on that.
  • The best orientation events, welcome parties, and other celebrations happen in the fall.
  • It takes longer to graduate than people your age.
  • Courses offered in fall may not be offered in spring.

Whether you end up having a fall start or a spring start, don’t stress it. Your college years will be among your best. Give it a rest and embark onto the beginning of a new chapter in your new life with joy and excitement.


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