Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Spectacular Sustainable Experiences at The Red Sea

Spectacular Sustainable Experiences at The Red Sea

The Red Sea Destination is set to be a sanctuary for the discerning traveller, offering myriads of indulgent interactive activities to enjoy whilst keeping a sustainable approach in place.

The destination offers visitors the opportunity to admire the area’s natural beauty while promoting the preservation and regeneration of the local environment by striving to be world’s largest tourism destination powered 100% by renewable energy, with no connection to the national grid, sourcing all energy from solar and wind.

Offering a uniquely diverse range of experiences, from island getaways to resort holidays, mountain retreats and desert discoveries to wild adventures, visitors can take a deep dive into the magic of The Red Sea. Set to launch in early 2023 with the opening of three luxury resorts (St. Regis, Ritz Carlton Reserve & Six Senses), the year round destination boasts a unique and thriving environment embracing beaches, canyons, mountains, and mangroves. Offering opportunities to experience vibrant lifestyles, culinary expertise, artistry and meticulous craftmanship.

Informed by the surrounding land and seascapes, the destinations take cues from nature to deliver an unforgettable day of adventure for all the family, from conservation tours amongst our island archipelago to dinner in the wind brushed mountains of Jabal Raal. There is a wide range of luxurious outdoor activities that are balanced between adventure and tranquility; we will offer the opportunity for customized guest itineraries which showcase our different natural and cultural world’s in all their brilliance.



World Class Championship Golf Experience

With demand and interest in golf continuing to grow in the region, The Red Sea enables golfers to enjoy a full round of championship golf in the heart of Shura Island, with an 18-hole championship golf course for those who are looking to work on their swing.


Ultimate Culinary Journey

Hospitality is an intrinsic part of the rich Bedouin lifestyle, and, honouring one’s guests through the offer of a flame cooked traditional feast is an deeply respected act of living in the desert, something which we will recreate in our culinary experiences available at The Red Sea. Here visitors can indulge in unique food moments served by our renowned hospitality partners throughout the destination

Guests can pick and choose their preferred setting for every meal, be it a luxurious lunch on private island or an evening under the stars where a delicious sunset picnic is served by private butlers amongst the looming rock formations whilst a personal chef prepares a camp fired inner accompanied by live music.

We will also offer an immersive experience, where you can learn about the cooking styles of local tribes, using hot rocks and native herbs, enjoying a dark skies dinner with your family as the stories of the stars are told by our Saudi astrologers.


Dive into World’s fourth-largest barrier coral reef

With more than 314 coral and fish species, an untouched and unspoiled world of hidden natural treasures flourishing with life and colour that can be explored and experiences through marine life diving – sunrise dive, night dives, reef dives, and heritage dives all with extremely strict regulation adhering to the destinations sustainability and conservation rules. Open to divers of all levels to explore a range of exceptional sites around the lagoon, including an almost 300-year-old wooden shipwreck and the Waqadi channel home to Manta Ray, Reef Sharks and beautiful shoals of fish passing by like flickers of bright neon light.

The allure of diving in The Red Sea is irresistible, as one of the final frontiers of protected coral reefs offering plethora of diving experiences carefully designed to allow guests a closer than ever look at both the wildlife and the measures being taken to protect it.


Unrivaled Water Adventures

We give our guests the opportunity to experience our natural water worlds up close, in order to truly understand our passion to protect everything around us. It may be a guided conservation morning in a crystal kayak paddling through our stunning mangrove rivers, crafted by time and home to a wide variety of birds and marine life. Or a guided snorkeling session for you and your family, taking you on a journey of discovery around the most vibrant coral pinnacles, spot nesting Hawksbill Turtles and tracking a hunting Osprey that finds its prey by perch on protruding reefs. The Red Sea is a luxurious playground for all who seek adventure.

A range of natural power sport excursions are also available for guests to explore deeper into our stunning archipelago, escaping for the day on a private adventure, sailing among secluded islands as your own captain, with a crew, or part of a fleet of small sailboats conquering the north westerly wind; take up a paddle in a sea kayaking, stand up paddle-board, windsurfer, or foiling vessel, or turn up the power on an electric surfboard. Everything is easily accessible with our team of instructors and experts available at all times to light up a spirit of adventure.

Equally, visitors can just soak up the sun on a generous choice of sandy beaches, replete with the finest facilities provided by world-leading hotel brands.


Transcendent Inland adventures

Our land takes you from fault lines to petroglyphs, in a historical journey through time, cut into the geology and topography of our heartlands. Walk upon on lunar terrains of the Harratt Lunayyir volcanoes, The Red Sea experiences inland are as varied as its scenery, authentic and enriching, respectful and embracing of nature, culture and community

Visitors can have transformative experiences hiking through dramatic canyons and mountains, or biking through ancient volcanic lava fields, with their cinder cones and moon-like craters in an endless deep black where life feels so small and frail amongst some Earth’s greatest natural features . The experience starts when guests are collected from their hotel with an off-road journey across the wide-open desert, passing camels resting under the Acacia trees dotted throughout the landscape; continuing with a range of active pursuits, including Hiking, Scrambling, Free-running, trail-running, mountain biking, climbing, abseiling, nature Walks & conservation trails

Flora & fauna

The naturalists at heart have a plethora of flora & fauna at The Red Sea, amongst which are endangered species such as Arabian leopards, dugongs, and hawksbill turtles. Learn to track migratory birds with one of our local guides or take part in mangrove conservation tour. (


Discover a Proud Culture & Rich Heritage

For a long time, the Kingdom has been an inaccessible mystery, now the doors have been opened and everyone is welcome to explore our proud culture, rich in heritage and depicted through live performances & shows, storytelling & folklore, art installations, farmers & producers markets, astrology studies, archaeology & history trails, and expeditions to the AlWajh Old Town to meet and understand our regional communities that have been living within these lands for generations.


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