Some of the Most Mesmerizing Pieces from Khalid Al Rawi

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By: Nora Al Eisa
Khalid Saleh is a travel photographer based in Sharqiya. His speciality is portraits where he captures emotions in an utterly real yet dramatic way. His photos are rich and unique, full of details and sentiments.
What drew you to focus on travel photography?
When I first decided to pursue photography I took up many courses here and there and went to school for it. While studying photography at the International Islamic University in Malaysia, I found myself mostly interested in photographing people in the streets, at the markets, just living their lives.

However, it wasn’t until I took a workshop with Saudi photographer Abbas AlKhamees that I discovered the amazing world of travel photography, and the skills needed for it.

What destination do you find yourself constantly returning to?
India! There’s so much life there, and so many places I’ve yet to explore. No travel photographer ever gets enough of India and its wide range of rich cultures.
What destination is next on your list?
Who has been your friendliest subject and why?
 The first time I’d been to Nepal one of the people I’ve come across is a wonderful little girl I had the pleasure of shooting. Three years later I visited the village again and as we were walking through the village I found her running towards me. She even remembered my name!
How important is photoshop in your final images?
I find photoshop to be a crucial tool to enhancing photographs. It aids in adding depth and creating a more polished look. It is very important, however, not to overdo it. I still want the my subjects to look like themselves and allow their emotions to show through, and for their surroundings to look raw and authentic.
To see more of Khalid’s beautiful work, follow him on instagram @k.s.alj

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