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Some Hot Mol10 Choco Lovin'

Since it opened earlier this year, Mol10 has attracted the chocolate lovers of Riyadh to its dainty abode.

The first branch is at the Arcadia Center on the intersection of Khurais Rd. and Prince Turki Al Awwal, just near the KFSH&RC.

The interiors and décor is a wonderful mix of minimalistic fused with a contemporary rustic feel. We are suckers for mason jars and twine, so having those as part of the details made us fall in love with the place instantly. The space is a bit tight in the family section but if you go on the off peak hours, you might actually enjoy it.


The Lotus milkshake is one of its menu stars, it looks and tastes yummy (you’re bound to take a photo of it, in all its prettified whipped glory). For SR 14 at the time of writing, we were sold. It’s a reasonable price for a treat like this.


There’s only one main item on the menu, the Molten Chocolate cake. While it comes in different flavors, at the core of it, the concept is the same, Oozing chocolate covered with a cake of your choice and topped with ice cream. The latter is a must component to tie the whole thing together and balance the sweetness. If there’s one thing I’d like to change, it would be for the ice cream to be part of the order. I can see why more people would order to have it with the cake rather than without.


We liked the cookie mol10, mainly because the dough cuts down on the sweetness. The original mol10 chocolate is pretty good too. A Mol10 costs SR14 which is a decent price (if you’re dining in).


Mol10 is a good spot for some chocolate indulgence and an hour of chitter chatter with your family and friends. We would go again for the Lotus milkshake and a decent desert— we’ll prolly pass by Freshii just to curve our guilt a teeny tiny bit, but ultimately, we’ll indulge.


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