Social Distancing: Finally, introverts have an excuse!

Social Distancing: Finally, introverts have an excuse!

What you need to know about flattening the curve and social distancing.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to make headlines, offices and work spaces are developing work from home policies to contain the disease and prevent further spread within the Kingdom. Schools and universities have already shifted to e-learning, restaurants have closed in-house dining options, and malls have shut down, all in the efforts to flatten the curve and increase social distancing.

Flattening the curve means that if infection is not contained and a large number of people get sick all at once, hospitals and medical institutions will become overwhelmed, causing many ill patients to go by without treatment. However, if we all practice social distancing, not so many people will get sick all at once and hospitals will have a better chance to provide the necessary care for those in need. It is estimated now that if we come together to make this work, we’ll achieve adequate containment within the upcoming two weeks.

Now, what does social distancing entail? For the extremely comfortable introverts out there, your superpowers are serving mankind today, and for all the extroverts panicking about their staycation period, well, this is your chance to delve into an introvert’s world and see what it’s like to be one. Disclaimer: there is a light at the end of the tunnel, don’t worry, boredom won’t get to you first.

Aside from being good news to our introverts, social distancing helps communities slow down the transmission of viruses, which is the Kingdom’s key objective at the moment. Here is what we can all do as one nation to socially distance ourselves in a way that can save lives:

  • Stay at home

This seems like a given, since it’s called social “distancing,” but some people have trouble staying in. Seriously, don’t go out unless extremely necessary. Refer to our Quarantine To-Do-List article for ideas on how to have fun while on lockdown.

  • Don’t shake hands, Kiss or Hug

Follow the footsteps of our beloved introverts and try to keep a good distance when interacting with other people. There is no need to shake on it, hug or kiss during these critical times.

  • Wash your hands, especially when touching anything or anyone

Yes, it does work and indeed is very effective. Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds will reduce your chances of catching the virus, especially if you shook hands with someone or touched an infected hard surface. In other words, try to be a bit OCD when it comes cleanliness.

  • Avoid crowded areas at all costs

Generally, you want to stay away from any place that is overcrowded. This won’t be a problem if we follow instruction number one. Also, restrict guest access to your home and avoid social large gatherings.

We are all at home! You should be too.

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