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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Smoke Away!

Smoke Away!

By Ahmed Darwish

The Ultimate Meat Sheet.

The food scene in Saudi Arabia has always been subject to different waves. Who remembers the cupcake wave? What about the macarons, the burgers, and quinoa this, quinoa that? Well, make way for the new wave sweeping the Kingdom: The Smokehouses! Now, we don’t mean those shops that sell tobacco, but actually restaurants that sell smoked meats. Smoking is the process of flavoring, browning, and cooking food by exposing it to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most often wood. Items on these menus would include brisket, ribs, pulled shoulder, and can include chicken and hot dogs. But where would you go for some carnivorous indulgence?


The Rating: 4

chefThis started as a small burger joint in Makkah by young Saudi chefs, who then entered the market in Jeddah by joining its first Food Festival in 2017 and offering smoked brisket sandwiches. After their massive success at the event, they opened their Jeddah branch in June 2018. Try their Wagyu & Brisket (or “W&B”) for a piece of meatlover

Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Al Muhamadiya Dist.
Instagram: chefs_sa

The Rating: 4.5

the-smoke-houseThis is one of the smokehouses that started in someone’s home, but these guys took it so seriously that one of the founders – Hassan Fetyani – went to Texas for five weeks to train as a pit master! Their dishes are inspired by Texas
Barbecue, with a dash of their signature flavor.

Location: Le Prestige Mall, King Abdulaziz St., Ash Shatea Dist.
Instagram: thesmokehouse_sa




smokeySmokey Beards is currently in its soft-opening but is getting quite the positive reviews from people who have tried it. They now have the singles section open and we can’t wait for families to have the chance to dine in. Destination  recommends the Brisket sliders. They’re legit.

Location: Al Malqa Dist.
Instagram: smokeybeardsq

The Rating: 4

sevenThis local smokehouse started from small kiosks at events in December 2016. Now they have a full operating branch famous for its ribs and brisket burger. The place has a cozy ambience with great music, making the dining experience unique.

Location: Al Malqa Dist.
Instagram: 7ribs

The Rating: 3.5

smoke-grillOpened in early 2017, this small yet cozy “diner” won the hearts of Riyadhis. We recommend a side of mac n cheese with your brisket, together with mashed potatoes. If you have room, don’t miss the messy fries mixed with smoked brisket – it’s a must!

Location: Al Wadi Plaza, Prince Mashal Ibn Abdulaziz St., Irqah Dist.
Instagram: smoke.grill


The Rating: 4.5

brisketDon’t let that basic name fool you – they really brought some decent smoked meat to this part of the gulf! Try their ribs and their brisket, but also don’t miss out on their combination sandwich that mixes 50% brisket meat with
50% pulled ribs! Now that’s what I would call a delicious equation.

Location: Bashar Ibn Burd St., Al Ulaya Dist., Khobar
Instagram: brisket_sa

The Rating: 4

the-oakIf you’re looking for exquisite smoked short ribs, you’ve come to the right spot. The atmosphere and the smell itself will take you right into the heart of smoke-pit Texas. No need to ask for a knife – that meat falls apart with just a fork! And chug down all that goodness with their Raspberry Iced Tea!

Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahad Street St., Al Hada Dist., Khobar
Instagram: oak_saudi

Now that we’ve reached the end, all covered in smoke and grease, it’s time to kick back and enjoy a nice cold beer
after this meat-filled journey. Hopefully this smokehouse concept isn’t just a phase or a food fad, because as a meat-loving society, these type of places are right down our alley!


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