Sir Richard Branson Travelled Around Saudi And It Seems Like He Had An Amazing Time

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While the Red Sea Tourism project is expected to bring in a huge number of tourists, but even before that project kicks off, Saudi Arabia has an unlikely visitor – Sir Richard Branson.

The British business magnate known for being the founder of the Virgin Group is also an avid traveler. He visited Saudi Arabia recently and his social media feeds were filled with posts of his travels around the Kingdom. He visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Madain Saleh, an Ottoman-era railway station from the Hejaz Railway line and of course the Red Sea.

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On his travels in Saudi, he writes “Just enjoyed a fascinating visit to Saudi Arabia, seeing an exciting project to welcome tourists to a beautiful, undiscovered country with a stunning natural landscape.”

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In regards to Saudi Arabia’s ambitious tourism project he says, “Seeing this Red Sea Project up close, I was amazed at how completely untouched the landscape is. Standing on the islands, we could see turtles pulling themselves in and out of the water to lay their eggs, while eagle rays and dugongs swam past. It is a truly unspoilt ocean environment, possibly one of the last marine wonders of the world, and given the right protections, it could stay that way for decades to come.”

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    It is fascinating to see places you’ve never been before, and that particular one is indeed marvelous, let’s think a while about visiting planets we never seen before, or even dimensions and worlds that are invisible to our human perception, have a nice day

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