Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Shopping For Eid Gifts

Shopping For Eid Gifts

Get something different this year.

Creative Household Items

Gift your loved ones innovative items to decorate their homes.

We Recommend
Sinwan Concept (Rawdah St.): Decorative stools and tables.
The Store: Tribal couch pillows by Mansoojat
Lovesac (Stars Avenue): Book ends
West Elm (Tahlia St.): Coasters
Zara Home: Photo frames
Vero’s Creations (Instagram:veroscreations): Traditional baskets



Find the perfect item to complement kitchen utensils.

We Recommend
Aura Living: Gahwa sets and artistic plates
Think Kitchen (Haifaa Mall): Fondue pots


Gift Baskets

Assemble a basket filled with thoughtful gifts.

We Recommend
Balloona (Instagram: balloonaco): Greeting cards
November Nine (Instagram: novembernine9): Plope, postcard/envelope hybrid.
Art Center (Mob: +966-509677451): Customized Qur’an
Mint (Instagram: mint_by_nng): Homemade delights that include gluten-free foods and natural body scrubs


Edible Gifts

Give away a combination of edible items that aren’t only delicious but picture perfect too!

We Recommend
Edible Arrangements (Rawdah St.): Fruit and chocolate
Chocolate Studio (Sari St.): Customized chocolate
Pappabubble (Red Sea Mall): Handmade customized candy


Islamic Art

Gorgeous art pieces with an Islamic depth to them make great gifts.
We Recommend
Gallery One (Red Sea Mall): Beautiful calligraphic art pieces. Prices start from SR 3,000 for larger frames but they also have some smaller items in store.


Customize It!
Why not create your own gift any way you prefer?

We Recommend
Le Cadeau (Newtown Center, Tahlia St.): They customize anything you can think of, so be creative.
Instagram @lecadeau_sa


You can never go wrong with jewelery.

We Recommend
Lilian Ismail (Lomar and : A beautiful jewelry collection for both men and women.



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