Shogun Lounge

Shogun literally means “commander of the troops” and to someone who has dined at the handful of authentic Japanese restaurants in Jeddah, this comes as no surprise because the Shogun Lounge may as well be the top restaurant in its class. Just what is so special about the place?

For starters, the restaurant is beautifully decorated and its exceptionally grand space is utilized in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Large wooden panels embedded with Japanese art and kanji characters illustrating the restaurant’s name add a certain charm to the ambience and reflect the theme of Shogun Lounge.

Timing Matters

Usually, the best time to gauge the quality of service and the food of a restaurant is by going there when it is at full occupancy and at the popular Shogun Lounge, this seems to be the scenario for each night. Teeming with customers even during the middle of the week, the restaurant seems up to the challenge of keeping on its toes and by dishing out its fine cuisine to satisfy each and every Japanese food connoisseur.


Novel Length Menu

The eclectic menu at Shogun Lounge, which also features Chinese dishes, is well laid out and lists everything from soups and salads to tempuras, sashimi, sushi, maki and more. The food itself, such as the Miso Soup with Crab, Vegetable and Ebi Tempura and the Beef Tenderloin and Chicken Teppan-Yaki are all excellent in their presentation and fantastic in taste.



Also worth ordering is the Mixed Shogun Lounge Sushi, which turns out to be a lovely platter of healthy Japanese delicacy. Desserts and drinks are as great as the rest of the items in the menu.

The luxurious dining atmosphere and the simply delicious Japanese cuisine is a positive aspect of Shogun Lounge. Seating is divine, especially on the first floor, which has lounge style seating. The portions are quite fulfilling, especially when it comes to serious eaters, and the great hospitality shown by the waiters makes you want to visit again. Reservation is required for the mostly packed Shogun Lounge.


Location: Prince Sultan St. – Nama Center

Tel: +966 -2-6062288

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