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Sheikh Alfteer

By Faris Alyahya

Sheikh Alfteer, located in Sulaimaniya, is 100 percent Egyptian, from ownership and employees to ingredients. Their specialties are Egyptian style pizza and fatayer, kushari and hawawshi.


They only have one pizza size and the price varies depending on the toppings, and you can add as many extra toppings as you like.


Even though their pizza is heavy (and quite greasy), it’s one of my favorites in the city. Their topping options include minced meat, Egyptian sausage, hot dog, pepperoni, chicken fajita and my favorite pastrami.


The pizza is crispy and the sauce is just right. The fteer meshaltet you can either stuff with sweets or salty fillings, or you can just have it plain. Their staff is quite impressive and skilled with dough and general preparation of almost everything.


I’m not sure if there’s another place in Riyadh that makes fteer meshaltet.

And if there is, I don’t think they’d make it as good as this place.


They open after duhur payer, so don’t try to go for breakfast. And don’t add any vegetable toppings, they’re not fresh. 


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