Shatta: A Play At Princess Noura University

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Sharah team held its 5th cultural event,“Shatta” (meaning, diverse) at Princess Noura University in Riyadh last weekend.

“Shatta” was a big drama show presented to women and children on the main stage of the University on 22nd and 23rd of April.

The play represented a story of a group of Gypsies who live temporarily in a village to earn money by making funny shows. The play focused on delivering many values and principles as well as discussing common topics such as patriotism, knowledge and initiative in attractive and implicit ways.

A large team of ambitious and talented youth behind the scenes had made their efforts on script writing, acting, singing, designing costumes, decoration, technical control and public relations.

This event was accompanied by Sharah café, library and studio in order to present the message harmonically.

It is worthy mentioning that Sharah team works to improve youth talents and develop goodness within them to be good and active members towards their religion and society as well as delivering its message and vision in the most fascinating way.

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