Shaikh Al-Manqousha

 For all of you pita bread lovers with amazing toppings that we call Manaqeesh then we highly recommend you try this amazing place that has the tastiest manaqeesh in Jeddah. It has become one of DJ’s addictions that we tend to order from 2 to 3 times a week for breakfast.

One of their most delicious orders are the Cheese Manaqeesh (Akawi Cheese) is simply mouthwatering and keeps you coming back for another bite. Another of their selection that we find tasty is their za’atar flavored manaqeesh and their labneh. When ever you crave for something simpler, fresh yet so fulfilling then you can’t go wrong by choosing this place.


Sheikh manqoush4


Their hot melted cheese manaqeesh are freshly baked daily and they are truly addictive with their amazing taste. Definitely a must have on your eatery list!

Location: Mohammed Al-Jasir St.

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