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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

School For The Cool: How To Not Fall Asleep During Classes

School For The Cool: How To Not Fall Asleep During Classes

Ahmed Nasir

Are you a sleepy couch potato when it comes to mornings when you have school? Well, guess what? We’ve come up with a few edibles and tips that will keep you attentive and “unsleepy” during the day.

Shower and Mower


Alarm went off? Well, time to get up and grab your towel cuz you’re going for a shower! Morning showers “wake you up” instantly. Trim or shave your beard (if applicable…). It gives you an involuntary boost of esteem which results in you being alert.

Go Yellow!


No matter what you eat or not eat, make sure you have a banana with your breakfast! With its high potassium, magnesium and fiber content, it keeps you attentive and energized for some good long hours. Chop it up and eat it with your cereal; great for that much-needed morning energy boost!

Mumble Through that Bubble


Well, don’t literally mumble while you chew on your gum, but it’s an awesome idea to have a pack of gum on you throughout the day. Not only does it keep the blood in your head circulating, but also keeps your breath fresh! (Your friends will thank me for this one.)

Snack Attack!


Ever heard of the saying “a snack an hour keeps the apple away”? Well, probably because I just came up with it. Snacks give you that energy restore that is often necessary. Granola bars are a great choice!

Freeze your Lungs


Put a few ice cubes in your already chilled water to keep it relatively cold throughout the day. The cold water will keep you active and lively.

Restroom to the Rescue


Take a bathroom trip to get that blood circulating again. Oh, and don’t forget to stretch while you’re at it!


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