Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi



When these two worlds collide… mmmm.

Nothing beats a good piece of cool and juicy fruit when it’s hot and you need something refreshing. But, did you know there’s a savory side to fruits if you mix them with the right ingredients? We’ve got the low down on the best places to find these crazy sweet and savory dishes this summer.


Mille Feuille Crab Salad:
This isn’t your typical crab salad. It’s elegant and gorgeous – the bright colors of the mangos, avocados and lettuce are striking against the white of the crab. With ample crabmeat, a crispy crunchy layer and all topped with parmesan cheese, this salad is absolutely divine.crole_khobar_2017_aa-1

Summer Melon Salad:
Don’t dismiss this as your run of the mill fruit salad; this one practically screams summer! They use a variety of melons, matching them up with kiwi, cucumber and feta for that perfect contrast of sweet and salty. Simple, light, healthy and refreshing.crole_khobar_2017_aa-2

Location: Fouad Center, Prince Turki St., Khobar
Instagram: creole.alkhobar

Sushi Yoshi

Chicken Katsu Curry
This Japanese curry of green apple, banana and mango is totally different from your typical Thai or Indian curry, with a sauce that’s thicker and chunkier than usual. The dish itself is comprised of succulent chicken breast that’s golden-fried in breadcrumbs before being generously topped with the rich savory fruit curry sauce and served with Japanese steamed rice. Simple and totally delicious.sushiyoushi_khobar_2017_a-1

Location: King Faisal Rd., Khobar
Instagram: sushi_yoshi_ksa

Zaher Al Roman

Cherry Kabab (Kabab Bil Karaz)
We can’t have enough of Middle Eastern grills; we can’t go a week without popping into one or taking food to go. So, trust our experience when we say that you should bust out of your comfort zone and try a less than common specialty: cherry kebabs! Popular in Syrian and Armenian kitchens, hitting the right balance of sweet and sour is the key element to perfecting this dish.cherrykebab_zaheralroman_khobar_2017_aa-1

Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Rd., Khobar
Instagram: zaher_alroman

SN Café

Fig Vegetarian Pizza
With their huge menu selection, you’d think that by the time you got to their pizza selection there’d be no creativity left. Well, their vegetarian pizza with sweet fig and salty cheese begs to differ. Do not pass this one up as the mix of flavors, the cheesy goodness and the crispy crust all meld together into a sublimely sensational dish.sncafe_khobar_2017_aa

Location: Bashar Ibn Burd St., Khobar
Instagram: sncafe


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