Save Your Summer!

Believe it or not, there’s a lot to do.

Listen, we just came back from two months in the future and you (yes, you) sent us back with a warning specifically for you:

“I know what you’re doing right now. You’re sitting on the couch all day (and night), watching Netflix, gaming, hanging out, eating junk food and going to bed late. It’s been two months of that and we never got around to any of the cool stuff we wanted to accomplish. So, heed my next words very carefully:

STOP what you’re doing right now and read Destination Sharqiya’s summer guide article, pick out a few options and save yourself. Save yourself from becoming me!”

Wow, deep and strong advice that we think you should definitely heed and we’re here to help. Check out our cool guide below of fun things to do this summer.

Travel Adventures


Ox Adventure

For those seeking a life-altering experience or simply want to quench the thirst of the adventure-seeker in us all, we have you covered. These groups will have you scaling mountains and exploring ocean depths, all the while discovering and pushing your limits. Duration of the trips range from weekend trips to as long as 10 days.

  • Ox Adventure

Designing experiences around the world!
Instagram: oxadventure

  • Husaak Adventures

The change is forever.
Instagram: husaak
Web: husaak.comoxadventures_nepal_source_2

  • Arabian Treks

Explore, Dream, Discover.
Instagram: arabiantreks
Twitter: arabiantreks

  • Qimmam Club

Reaching new heights!
Instagram: qimmamclub

Arts and Languages

alex-jones-6798Creativity, in any form, is one of humanity’s most timeless and priceless endeavors. Art in particular has even been shown to be quite therapeutic. Meanwhile, nothing beats the feeling of spending months learning a new language and then actually having a full conversation with someone you previously could never talk to.

Expand your horizons this summer by creating something new or speaking a whole new language. Listed below are local institutes and groups that could help you achieve these dreams.

  • Pottery and ceramics classes

Check out these two accounts for upcoming pottery and ceramics classes.
Instagram: qatari.huda
Instagram: torab_ceramics

  • Little Picassos

With a mission to renaissance the art.

  • Culture and Arts Association in Dammam

Be on the lookout for upcoming classes and workshops from this Saudi art association.

  • Al Bassam Institute

Proving both business and conversational English courses.

  • Al Khaleej institute

The home for training and development in Sharqiya!

  • Saudi-Chinese Institute

Ever wanted to learn Mandarin? Now’s your chance.

  • Alliance Française  

They say French is the language of love. It’s also the official language of over 29 countries. Need we entice you further?

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

mishalextremeoutdoors_sharqiya_2017_aa-2Whether you’re looking for indoors activities for you and a group of friends, or you’re more of an outdoors type with a hunger for an adrenaline rush, the following places and groups will be right up your alley. Don’t be a lonely couch potato this summer. Get active!

  • Sky Zone

Instagram: skyzoneksa
Location: Al Shati Dist., Dammam  

  • Paint Ball

Instagram: paintballbattle1overboard_source_2

  • Mishal Extreme Outdoors

With Mishal Extreme Outdoors, you won’t know what boredom is.
Instagram: mishalextremeoutdoors

  • Overboard

Activities that will help you discover the great outdoors.
Instagram: overboard_sa

Summer Camps

gymboreeplayandlearn_khobar_2016_aa-3The thing about summer breaks is that they’re long. A little too long, especially for kids (and parents). But, that can be turned into a great thing thanks to the growing number of summer camps in the area, each one specializing on their own unique focus. Take a look at the list of camps and classes we have picked and find the best one for your children this summer.

Orchid Kids

Orchid Kids

  • Orchid Kids

Specializing in culinary classes and storytelling for kids.
Instagram: orchidkids

  • Pequeno

Your kid’s center for fitness and art!
Instagram: pequeno_ksa

  • The Kids Castle

Providing programs for infants up to preschoolers.
Instagram: thekidscastle

  • Kinder Valley

This summer camp hosts kids from the ages of two till 9! Great for siblings within that age range.
Instagram: Kindervally

  • Gymboree

Play and learn!
Instagram: gymboreekhobar

  • Sport-x  

All things sports.
Instagram: sportxclub

  • Arsenal Soccer School

Play the Arsenal way!

  • Fekr Training

A wide range of programs for older kids (some for teens up to the age of 15) in varying developmental focuses such as critical thinking and problem solving.
Instagram: fekrtraining

  • Little Kickers

The home of pre-school football.
Instagram: littlekickers.ksa

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