Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Saudi Cultural Getaway

Saudi Cultural Getaway

By Hurreia Baloch and Sumaiyya Naseem

Gallery Fahad Museum will take you all over the Kingdom.

The Gallery Fahad Museum is a wondrous exploration of Saudi Arabia’s history, heritage and culture. The museum is the effort of a single man, Fahad Al Safh, who has been studying the Kingdom’s history and collecting souvenirs from all of its regions. The gallery is an effort to preserve the culture of Saudi Arabia and to pass on the knowledge Al Safh has to explorers and expats._mg_4147

Visitors will be amazed to know that Al Sahf has a collection of 7 million photos from around Saudi. Although a small number of them are available for viewing in the gallery, the rest will be used for a bigger project that Al Sahf is developing.

The museum displays antiques, clothing, furniture and traditional seating already arranged. As a result of the open-style set up, visitors can experience the culture up close._mg_4199

Traditional fashion designer Haifa Al Saggaf works on ensuring the models and mannequins authentically represent the attire of the regions. The gallery, which opened this year, is divided into sections allocated to the regions and sub-cultures of Saudi Arabia, from Taif and Asir to Tabuk, Najd and Hijaz. Each section hosts wonderful displays and even little children dressed up in cultural clothes. Remarkably, visitors have the opportunity to observe and handle real falcons with thick gloves on._mg_4236

When visiting the gallery you can also enjoy quad biking, sand duning and a traditional BBQ or open buffet. Gallery Fahad Museum will open towards the end of July.

For information regarding public tours, reservations and booking, contact:

Mob: +966-507678139/ +966-540664899
Location: 21.650812, 39.138969
Instagram: explorer_tours_camps


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