Saudi Comic Con in Jeddah – Day 2

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Another day, another adventure!

This time around, we ventured into the female section, where women were allowed to forgo their abayas for intricate cosplays in changing rooms set up for that purpose. An incredible set of “special effects makeup” artists were on-hand and ready to go, offering insight into what goes on behind the scenes of some of our favourite movies.

Speaking with the women themselves proved general approval. “I love the fact that we’re being provided a space where we can be as big a part of the Comic Con experience as anyone else”, one cosplayer quipped.

And, as a matter of fact, they were!

The women’s cosplay competition proved exceptionally popular, with the venue quickly reaching capacity while Ash from Pokemon took center stage to lead the crowd into a chant of the Arabic theme song.

The rest of the day saw Giancarlo Esposito, also known as Gus Fring of Breaking Bad fame, hosting a panel and sitting down with us for a few words. He highlighted his surprisingly extensive experience in Saudi Arabia (did you know that he’s visited us multiple times?), and offered some choice words on Saudi Comic Con: “you know, firsts only happen once!

A walk through the Artist Alley punctuated the night with a celebration of local artists displaying their incredible work, brought to life by the continuing transformation of the BMW robot and recurring Marvel shows.

But now, we must rest. This whole fighting crime, trying to save the world business gets tiring.

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