Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski has launched Saudi Authentic Night (Liyali Al Aseela) by Chef Fahad Bukhari, executive chef of the hotel to provide an ultimate experience of local cuisine.

Saudi Authentic Night is held in an authentic ambiance to show the local rich and diversified culture and to introduce dishes from every part of the Kingdom every Tuesday. The menu offers a variety of authentic dishes including Jarish, Gursan, Hail Kubaiba, kebab El Mirou, Fish Musharmil, Bukhari Rice, Shrimps Mashkool, Magash, Marsa, Fish Mukashan, Balaleet, and Harraq Osbao, and, besides salads and appetisers preferred by Saudis, the Gulf region and the Middle East in general.

At the event of Saudi Night, the executive chef, Fahad Bukhari, and a team of local culinary experts combine their expertise to provide an authentic experience of Saudi culinary heritage, with all of its traditions and true ambiance at Aroma Restaurant. Young diners will also enjoy their special buffet with national flavors while playing and watching films at the kids’ arena.

“We Love Kids” offer can be availed during Saudi Night as well. ‘We Love Kids’ offer provides two kids under 12 years a complimentary experience in addition to kids arena and movie streaming while guests enjoy the authentic Saudi cuisine.

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