Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Saudi Arabia’s Leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Organizations

Saudi Arabia’s Leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Organizations

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integral to Saudi companies, reflecting their commitment to social and environmental wellbeing. This article explores leading companies excelling in CSR, engaging in internal and external initiatives that contribute to community development and align with Vision 2030.



Savola carries out all its CSR and sustainability functions through their non-profit organization, the Savola World Foundation. Now a leading player in the region’s sustainability industry, Savola World initiates partnerships to drive change across five key pillars which are – society, employees, environment, sector, and business.

Saudi Arabia's Leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Organizations


Four of their main programs include: 

1. Makeen Program

The Makeen program trains and employs people with disabilities at Savola and other companies. So far, around 911 individuals have received training and job opportunities since the program began in 2016.


2. Negaderha Program

Negaderha is a program that focuses on managing and reducing food waste, research is conducted to understand why and how much food is wasted. The program provides practical tools and tips to help groups reduce food waste.


3. Yumnak

Yumank is a hands-on Business Assistance program that helps support SMEs in the FMCG industry.


4. Ata’a (Corporate Volunteering Program)

Employees are encouraged to take part in different volunteering programs and the Savola World Foundation supports this by designing programs that help both personal and professional growth in individuals.



SEDCO Holding

SEDCO Holding believes that CSR is essential to its organizational culture, where it follows a “towards sustainability” motto. Their annual volunteer campaign, The Journey of Giving, takes place during Ramadan, and this year, they will implement four group initiatives, building on past success with new, additional changes, highlighting the goal to build a sense of community among employees and give back to those in need.

This year’s theme, Lantern Path, showcases leading people towards goodness and setting an example for others to follow.

Saudi Arabia's Leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Organizations


This year, the five main initiatives include:

1. Ramadan Baskets Initiative

Employees will help pack and deliver boxes to families, in partnership with the Jeddah Orphans Association.


2. Pack Iftar Meals Initiative

All the volunteers will collect and pack meals to be distributed to those in need.


3. Pack Leftover Meals Initiative

SEDCO will be distributing leftover meals to support those in partnership with Eta’am.


4. SEDCO’s Family Iftar Initiative

The company will host an annual iftar with the staff, for all employees within the company


5. Eid Clothes Initiative

Employees to visit and accompany orphans to purchase new clothes for Eid.




Almarai believes in their duty to positively impact society, creating opportunities and spreading hope. They actively support social causes through charitable donations and event sponsorships, focusing on health, science, education, and sports, and they strongly focus on collaborating with philanthropic, social, and cultural groups aligned with national values.

Saudi Arabia's Leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Organizations


The social responsibility program involves three main programs:

1. The Food Industries Institute

Part of a program by the National Center for Strategic Partnerships, which focuses on training young people through professional diploma programs to qualify them for specialized roles.


2. Graduate Professional Trainee (GPT) Program

Almarai hires multiple local, fresh, and talented graduates across all divisions and majors through the Graduate Professional Trainee (GPT) program.


3. Dairy and Food Polytechnic Program

Where in partnership with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, they successfully recruit and train over 400 students annually.



Nahdi Medical Company 

Nahdi takes its CSR strategies seriously. The company makes sure to partner with various health agencies to offer primary health care to those in need, aiming to improve overall health and wellness and they emphasize educating and empowering the community to manage and understand chronic diseases effectively.

Saudi Arabia's Leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Organizations


They have four programs which involve:


1. Convoys of HOPE Program

Provides medical care to chronic disease patients. Nahdi has helped over 14,000 patients and aims to expand across the country of Saudi Arabia.


2. Chronic Disease Awareness and Prevention Program (Salemtum)

Focuses on educating guests about chronic diseases and offers personalized care and solutions. Nahdi also created a medical adherence program for chronic disease management.


3. Charitable Health Programs

Partnerships with government agencies and charities provide medical expertise to those in need. Nahdi has connected with two million guests and set a Guinness World Record for measuring vital signs in 4,049 guests in 12 hours.


4. Diabetes Program

Nahdi collaborated with Joslin Diabetes Center in aims to reduce A1C levels by 2.1 percent within three months.



NESMA Holding 

Aligned with Vision 2030, NESMA is committed to CSR with a focus on social and economic wellbeing in the Kingdom. Their initiatives focus on empowering communities by providing necessary tools and opportunities and developing talent.

Saudi Arabia's Leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Organizations


NESMA’s Initiatives are as follows:

1. Namat

A non-profit initiative that runs tailoring services across the country in order to provide clothes for those in need.


2. Nesma Training System

Established in 2008, they provide free training in essential workplace skills and provide spaces for small businesses throughout the country to host skill development courses and workshops.


3. Cooperative Society for Fisherman

In collaboration with the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Social Affairs, the initiative supports local fishermen, offers loans for industry success and sponsors programs to share knowledge and raise awareness.


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