Saudi Arabia’s first unique project partnership with Google and Microsoft

The platform for Independent creators signed a partnership with Google and Microsoft to become an internationally-collaborating project.

It is a platform that connects designers and creators  “Passioneurs ” from all fields to the employer or client. It is a project of the Creative Directory Foundation, which aims to empower creators to invest in their creativity. It also aims to create job opportunities for creators and to launch creative entrepreneurs in different fields of design and creativity and contribute to the raising of the local and global creative economy. In short, make creativity a living and a source of livelihood for every passionate. During the year, the company employed more than 500 innovators and provided two thousand services to its customers.

The partnership aims to provide companies in Saudi Arabia with solutions designed to help them keep up with the era of digital transformation, meet the needs of their customers and exceed their expectations. It also helps them in marketing and promoting the platform by

Google ads that contribute to the platform’s reach to the target group and the largest number of customers and creators. In addition to the Search Engine optimization service to the appearance of the Passioneurs platform in the search results on the first page is an electronic marketing method, which increases the number of independents joining the platform and accelerates access to it. The partnership also helps in the fast-growing technology that adopts innovation and is part of e-marketing, helping in the process of marketing in a cheap and innovative way and service traffic statistics to the site.

As for the Microsoft Partnership, it is a strong addition to the project from the presentation of workshops on how to create identity for emerging projects and other educational and educational workshops related to emerging projects. Microsoft’s partnership also allows you to host Passioneurs in the cloud and other important opportunities.

Under the partnership, “Passioneurs ” is officially an accredited partner with Google and Microsoft. This recognition allows the “Passioneurs ” platform to enable the brand to increase profit, raise the rate of registrants in the platform and target the right customers in a timely manner in smart and innovative ways. And generate a higher return on investment by stepping up their digital marketing efforts.

Commenting on the partnership, she said, ” Mona Balhmar ” The CEO of the platform  “Passioneurs ” “Thanks Allah happy in collaboration with Google and Microsoft and their choice of Passioneurs to be one of the global collaborating projects.” The “Passioneurs ” Team is looking to collaborate as a means of achieving more important and targeted results for the company. Directing the right customers to the right platform and project, and looking forward to acquiring a greater market share of digital marketing spending.

Ms. Mona Balhmar explained that, thanks to this partnership, the “Passioneurs ” will benefit from important data that will help brands improve their customers ‘ experience and increase their revenues. She pointed out that the increase in the use of digital media has made it a very important channel for trademarks, which now allocates more than 10% of their total expenditure on marketing to invest in social media “.

With the Passioneurs platform, the company can integrate everything that customers and independents require to communicate with creators, using mobile devices, social media and the Internet. This is an additional point for the company being keeping up with the age of digital transformation by relying entirely on the internet and online. The Passioneurs platform seeks to be a motivating example for entrepreneurs to start working on their emerging projects and reach their ambitions.

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