SAB Express Chairman Signs CEO Statement of Support for Women’s Empowerment Principles

Signing accompanies the launch of a Saudi Female Customs Program in cooperation with the Saudi Customs Authority.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, March 8, 2021 — SAB Express, a FedEx Express global service provider in Saudi Arabia, announced that Sheikh Salah Al Bluewi, the Chairman, has signed the CEO statement of support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles – Equality Means Business.

Established by the United Nations Global Compact and United Nations Women, the Women’s Empowerment Principles are a set of seven actions that companies choose to adopt to advance gender equality in the workplace and community.

Sheikh Salah endorsed the statement of support in the presence of the company leadership and team members in Jeddah.

Sheikh Salah said, “We empower women by providing them a platform to contribute to their economy and actively participate in the workforce. By adopting the Women’s Empowerment Principles, we will sustain our efforts to continue developing a successful, diverse and inclusive work environment where all team members have the opportunity to participate and succeed.”

In addition, as part of the company’s commitment to empowering women, SAB Express is launching a Saudi Female Customs program in cooperation with the Saudi Customs Authority, which will aim to staff nearly a third of the company’s customs agents positions with women. The Saudi Female Customs program will focus on providing employment opportunities to Saudi female graduates and developing their skills in the field of customs clearance.

This initiative aligns closely with the overarching theme of Saudi Vision 2030 of making the Kingdom a diverse and sustainable economy. A strategic partnership with Saudi Customs effectively meets the Saudi Vision 2030 goals and demonstrates SAB’s commitment to investing in Saudization and fostering a diverse and inclusive organizational culture that offers increased employment opportunities for women.

“We’re proud to support our service providers across our network, not only from the business side, but with activities that enhance diversity, inclusion, and gender equality across the organization. Initiatives like the Saudi Female Customs program allow us to share our cultural values and meet the needs of our customers and the communities we serve globally”, said Hassan Bouadar, vice president Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion Council Lead, FedEx Express Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa.

According to the 2020 Global Gender Gap Report by World Economic Forum, gender gaps in the Middle East and North Africa region would potentially be closed in 140 years at the current pace. Recognizing that companies play a major role in improving gender balance in the workplace, SAB Express is committed to implementing the Women’s Empowerment Principles by providing equal workplace opportunities, attracting diverse talent, and modeling positive team behavior that is free of gender bias.

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