Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

RowadBlossom Empowers Saudi Female Entrepreneurs!

RowadBlossom Empowers Saudi Female Entrepreneurs!

RowadBlossom enables five female led businesses to multiply in profit and traction, taking female empowerment to new heights!

Rowad Riyali which is one of Saudi Arabia’s largest financial literacy platforms for startups and Blossom, Saudi Arabia’s first female focused accelerator partnered together to accelerate and catalyze local talent and startups this November and December 2018.

Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is drastically changing with more opportunities than ever before for startups and founders. This is particularly true with a new program launched by Blossom and Rowad Riyali where they accepted 10 startups to participate in an intensive four-week program to equip them with the necessary tools, network, and resources to climb and compete with the global market.img_7392

The startups accepted were diverse in sectors from fashion to athletics to e-commerce businesses but all with one common staple; all were businesses either led by women or tailoring to a majority female clientele and all businesses had already launched with revenue and visible monthly growth rates. The women leading these companies all meant business in this program and wanted to take their startups to new heights.

Startups committed weekends where the program taught the theory and practice of constructing a business plan, marketing plan, digital marketing skills ranging from SEO to Google Ad words and Facebook Ads, learning how to evaluate their company, and learning the fundamentals of how to best legitimize their business according to the laws of Saudi Arabia. However, the intensity of the program did not stop there as startups were expected to keep working on their businesses, applying the learned principles, and schedule one on one sessions with experts to better tackle the obstacles each startup was facing. img_7141

The program also offered pitching events, co-working space, media exposure, and a range of network benefits at no cost at all. The program’s only ask was that founders and startups come with a hungry appetite for knowledge, conviction to succeed, and a mission beyond their wildest dreams.

Reportedly half of the startups grew in profit and traction, 100% recommended the program to others, 100% reported a highly lucrative network, and 100% reported a massive increase in motivation. img_0060

The program proved not only to help startups make larger profit margins but also increase and better startups mental state of mind.

One startup said “As a university student, I benefited more from this 1-month program more than I  have in class for the past year and a half  in college” while another “Blossom really helped me define and legitimize my business. I made thousands more in profit after enrolling in the program.”img_0011

Emon Shakoor, the CEO & Founder of Blossom said “It is wonderful to see startups that already have active revenue looking for programs like ours to grow and accelerate even further. It’s just telling to the demand of our market and what Saudi women are truly capable of and this is just the beginning.”

Blossom’s next program will commence this coming February 10th 2019 and this time it will be spanning 8 weeks long as Blossom is now officially accredited by the Global Accelerator Network where they are excited to be able to offer their startups international and world-renowned network and resources. The deadline to apply to their upcoming cohort is January 10th, 2019. To learn more and to apply today visit their website:


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