Road Trip Survival 101

By Rawan AlZubaidi

Here’s a guide to surviving the bumpy ride 

After spending the 24 hours of road trip  in the middle of nowhere, my car decided to die just 300 meters short of home. I spent the next few hours sans human connection (and WiFi), berating myself for the stuff I left back home. That’s when I made a list of must-haves that every human, especially me, must pack while spending hours/days on road.

So, if like me, your vacation involves a long road trip, here’s a list of what you need:.



  1. License, registration, ID, passport; are all  very important.
  2. Pocket money: To fill up your car tank and to buy snacks to keep you busy.
  3. First-aid kit in case of emergency. Pack it in a separate bag, so that you don’t misplace it in the junk of your own handbag.
  4. Jumper cable: This is HIGHLY necessary. Take it from me and my personal experience. I almost burst into tears of happiness for carrying it after our car battery died in the middle of the desert.
  5. Phone/iPhone/tablet charger and power banks: to avoid apocalypse. 



To be honest, spending long hours in the car can be pretty boring. Here are a few things you might require  to maintain  the same level of comfort and happiness as your life off the road.

  • Cozy blanket for your back-seat road trip companions. (A must if you have children, otherwise, don’t complain for having to stop at every single gas station for a wee-wee)
  • Backseat organizer: to hold essentials and protect seat backs from kicking so everything is within arm’s reach, not leg’s reach.
  • A comfortable neck pillow: for long drives or for sleeping while sitting up.
  • A car mount for your phone: for  easy navigation…



Ever get bored on those long road trips? Make sure your next one is fun with these:

  • Headphones
  • iPad/tablet
  • Magazines/books

Beauty on the road


It’s tricky to take care of your health while traveling, but bringing these can make all the difference:

  • Makeup
  • Deodorant
  • Hair tie/brush
  • Dry shampoo
  • Lotion (hand & face)
  • Wipes
  • Mini toothbrush
  • Hand sanitizer 

Traveling with kids


Did you just give an involuntarily shudder at the thought? Welcome to the club. The combination of a car full of kids and a distant destination is painstaking.. But no worries, you can survive this trip by keeping them busy with:

  • DIY activities
  • Downloading  their favorite songs and games in an iPod
  • Portable DVD with children movies is a lifesaver too.
  • Toys: Choose them wisely
  • Snacks: as adults, we know that  eating gives you something to do.

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