Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Road Trip Survival 101

Road Trip Survival 101

By Rawan AlZubaidi

Here’s a guide to surviving the bumpy ride 

After spending the 24 hours of road trip  in the middle of nowhere, my car decided to die just 300 meters short of home. I spent the next few hours sans human connection (and WiFi), berating myself for the stuff I left back home. That’s when I made a list of must-haves that every human, especially me, must pack while spending hours/days on road.

So, if like me, your vacation involves a long road trip, here’s a list of what you need:.


  1. License, registration, ID, passport; are all  very important.
  2. Pocket money: To fill up your car tank and to buy snacks to keep you busy.
  3. First-aid kit in case of emergency. Pack it in a separate bag, so that you don’t misplace it in the junk of your own handbag.
  4. Jumper cable: This is HIGHLY necessary. Take it from me and my personal experience. I almost burst into tears of happiness for carrying it after our car battery died in the middle of the desert.
  5. Phone/iPhone/tablet charger and power banks: to avoid apocalypse. 



To be honest, spending long hours in the car can be pretty boring. Here are a few things you might require  to maintain  the same level of comfort and happiness as your life off the road.



Ever get bored on those long road trips? Make sure your next one is fun with these:

Beauty on the road


It’s tricky to take care of your health while traveling, but bringing these can make all the difference:

Traveling with kids


Did you just give an involuntarily shudder at the thought? Welcome to the club. The combination of a car full of kids and a distant destination is painstaking.. But no worries, you can survive this trip by keeping them busy with:


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