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Riyadh's Youngest Bakers!

Riyadh's Youngest Bakers!
By Shoug Alsalamah

There is nothing we love more than a child with a hobby. Ten-year-old Lamar and 5-year-old Yara not only fit that bill, but have managed to take their hobby to a whole other level.

Experienced bakers, the girls decided to channel their passion into, well, a literal channel: by helping other children learn along with them on YouTube. And this reporter won’t lie, we learned a lot as adults, too.

1. How did you start?

Lamar: In America I studied fractions in math and I was having a little trouble with it, so my mom told me in baking they use fractions so I started to bake and I became in love with it ever since!! From that I wanted to show and teach other kids how to bake and tell them cool tips in my videos.

Yara: I started baking with the help of my sister Lamar because when she would bake she told me to come and be her helper.

2. Who inspired you to learn cooking?

Lamar: My mom and when I was little I loved to watch her baking and then I fell in love with cooking shows on Food Network and Fatafeet.

Yara: My mom and my sister Lamar.

3. What’s your favorite dish? Why?

Lamar: Soufflé because it’s delicious and it only needs a few ingredients.

Yara: Chocolate cake because it’s delicious.

As you can see both of us love chocolate!


4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Lamar: I haven’t decided because I’ve tried lots of things like baking and pottery that can lead to my future career but I might discover something I love even more later, you never know!

Yara: I want to be a baker when I grow up.

5. Who cooks better, your mother or your father?

Lamar and Yara: Our mother and grandma

6. What do you do in your spare time?

Lamar: Baking of course, pottery and swimming.

Yara: Baking, painting, and playing with my dolls.

YouTube: Lamar Yara

Got inspired by Lamar and Yara? Start making learning fun for your kiddos! Here’s how…


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