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By Aroosa Khan

You don’t need to import your college degree.

There are perks to staying homebound: free food, free accommodation, no standing in line carrying weeks worth of laundry and enduring people’s judgmental stares as they scan your superhero underwear collection. So seriously, give these universities a look and a chance.

Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University

PNU-1Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) is an outcome of the government’s attention to the higher education of women. It is the largest university for women in the world. It has over 60,000 students and more than 5000 academic and administrative staff.


The university offers degrees in health colleges, science colleges and humanities colleges. It comprises of 34 colleges in the city of Riyadh and in the neighboring cities, a preparatory year program for all first year undergraduate students, Arabic Language Institute, Deanship of Community Service and Continuous Education, and a Community College. To ensure quality and a smooth transition into university life, PNU students are required to enroll in a two-year preparatory program of necessary skills.PNU-3


  • Eight million square meter campus

  • Central library

  • High-tech smart buildings

  • Research centers

  • University hospital

  • Student support centers

  • Large dormitories

  • Recreation centers

  • Sport facilities

  • Convention center

  • Automated metro system

Bragging Rights:

  • World’s largest women’s university (campus size).

  • Largely concentrated with nationals, only 3 percent vacancy for expatriates.

  • Diverse collection of programs.

  • A mini city with its own public transportation.


  • Scholarships for local and international students.

Web: pnu.edu.sa
Tel: +966-11-8220000
Location: Al Imam Abdullah Ibn Saud Ibn Abdulaziz Rd.

Prince Sultan University

static.panoramio.comEstablished in 1999, Prince Sultan University (PSU) is a non-profit private higher education institution located in the urban setting of the large city of Riyadh. PSU aims to provide the Middle East with a quality education with international standards. PSU aims to be a catalyst for new learning opportunities, national and international partnerships, continuous studies, professional growth, community service and diversity in educational horizons for the good of humanity.panorama_0002_Layer_6


PSU offers both bachelors and masters degrees in educational services, computer and information sciences, business administration, engineering, law, humanities and languages.34850686


  • 350,000 square meter campus

  • Laboratories

  • Library

  • Swimming pool

  • Sport facilities

  • Financial aids

Bragging Rights:

  • Most diverse faculty staff in the Kingdom

  • Most recent addition to the list of universities in the Kingdom, and is renowned already.


  • Scholarships for local and international students.

Email: info@psu.edu.sa
Tel: +966-11-4948000
Location: Mansur Ibn Muhammad, Salah Ad Din

King Saud University

Kings_Saud_University_Entrance_Gate_RiyadhKing Saud University (KSU) was founded in 1957. It is Saudi Arabia’s premier university and one of the top tertiary institutions in the region with a wide range of colleges, advanced research centers and collaborations with distinguished researchers around the globe. The student body of KSU today consists of about 65,000 students and 4,500 members of staff.4926084391_6b0794561d_b


The university offers a broad range of undergraduate courses in natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and professional studies. With 20 colleges, an Arabic institute and a Community College, KSU has one of the most diverse programs. The medium of instruction is Arabic or English depending on the chosen major.18910782


  • Over nine million square meter campus

  • Eighteen libraries

  • More than 4,000 reading seats

  • Housing

  • Sport facilities

  • Online learning

Bragging Rights:

  • Oldest in the Kingdom, established in 1957.

  • Largest strength of students in the Kingdom.

  • Among Arab universities, its medical programs are regarded as some of the best.


  • Public university: Saudi nationals study for free and receive a stipend as well as bonuses for academic achievements.

Email: info@ksu.edu.sa
Tel: +966-11-4670000

Al Yamamah University

marcopolis.netAl Yamamah University (YU) is a Riyadh based university recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education. Al Yamamah University has been committed to providing female students with educational opportunities that prepare them for their vital role in the emerging Saudi labor market.marcopolis.net-2


The university comprises of two colleges: business administration and computing of information services as well as the deanship of continuing education and community services. Al Yamamah offers three programs leading to master’s degree in business, and degree programs in accounting, finance, marketing, insurance, management information systems and quality management. Degrees awarded by Al Yamamah University are accredited by Saudi Ministry of Higher Education and recognized by public sector as well as private sector institutions.yamamah


  • 160,000 square meter campus

  • Learning facilities

  • Cafeteria

  • Gymnasium and sport facilities

  • Library

  • Main auditorium building

Bragging Rights:

  • Regarded as one of the best business schools in KSA.

  • Also known as the cool kids’ university.


  • Partial merit scholarships.

Email: admissions@yu.edu.sa
Tel: 920003998
Location: King Fahd Rd., Al Qirawan

Alfaisal University

simec2016.orgAlfaisal was founded in 2002 as a private non-profit research university, and commenced its academic programs in 2007. The university was founded by a consortium of King Faisal Foundation, Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, ISU, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, KACST, MODON, Thales, Saudi Aramco and Boeing. The programs have been designed in collaboration with distinguished international academic partners in order to satisfy the local and international market demands and to enable their 15,000 students to be prepared for employment.static.panoramio.com-alfaisal


Alfaisal University offers a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs in its four colleges: business, engineering, medicine and science. Their programs were crafted with assistance from several international universities such as MIT, Cambridge and Harvard.


  • Over 75,000 square meter campus

  • Library

  • Sport facilities

  • Financial aids

  • Administrative service

  • Parking areas

Bragging Rights:

  • Largest research center, hospital and unisex campus in KSA.


  • Two types of scholarships: need-based and merit scholarships.

  • Dean’s list and sibling discounts are also provided.

Web: admissions.alfaisal.edu/scholarships
Email: info@alfaisal.edu
Tel: +966-11-2157777
Location: Al Zahrawi St., Al Maather, Al Takhassusi Rd.

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