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Riyadh’s Top 5 Matcha Spots

Try out Iota's delightful iced matcha latte!

Matcha on your mind? You’ve come to the right place to view some of Destination’s top picks on where to try out a refreshing glass of matcha in Riyadh!


So Matcha

Just as they claim, So Matcha brings us ‘matcha made in heaven’. Specializing in mostly matcha, the coffee shop’s menu is littered with countless creative matcha options, where it can be both sipped on and chewed on. From choices such as So Rosy and the JOMO to edible choices like Matcha Marble Cake or Matcha Tiramisu, everything is easily a must try. You can also show your love by collecting some of their cute merch!



Looking for a cool place to sit in with an ice cold matcha drink in your hand? Even though it’s a classic drink, Archi is recognized to have one of the most delightful matcha lattes in Riyadh, with the sweetness of it being at a perfect level and the drink itself worth taking a picture of. The cafe is also know for its interior which is unique in its own way, and makes guests feel almost as if they are sitting inside an art museum, with its textured white walls, and ceramic black bowls decorating the shelves. 

Instagram: archi.saudi


Minimalistic, serene and simple is what comes to mind when someone brings up Iota. Get a head start to the day, and start off your morning by visiting the charming coffee shop and ordering a heavenly cup of matcha. Iota provides a selection of sandwiches that go very well with their well known iced matcha latte. 


Hjeen Roasters

Did someone say matcha slush? Sending the people of Riyadh into a frenzy, Hjeen not only sells the classic cup of matcha iced latte, but introduced an exquisite new item; the matcha slush. Stealing the hearts of countless people, the cafe is crowded almost everyday, serving the community with what has to be one of the best summer treats. 

Instagram: hjeencoffee


Some Coffee

Friends, matcha and an aesthetic coffee shop? That’s a yes from us! Make your way to Some, a charming and relaxing coffee shop amidst the streets of Riyadh, and treat yourself to an iced cold cup of their much tempting matcha!


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