Riyadh Through her Lense: Sarah Al Ansary


As Sarah Al Ansary adjusts settings on her camera, she knows exactly what she will shoot and how she envisions narrating the story.

An architecture student that has recently discovered her passion for photography, Sarah is fascinated by Riyadh’s streets and took it as her responsibility to document it through her lens.

Her favorite place to head to is the bustling Souk Al Zal, where the smoke of the bakhoor fills the air with fragrant nostalgia, and you hear loud auctioneers entice you to take another look at the various traditional wears on sale. She grows more proud of her city as she sees tourists discover her culture and marvel at the prism of colors she has grown up with.

Stories of Falconry in the meandering streets of Ad Dirah, Riyadh

Stories of Falconry in the meandering streets of Ad Dirah, Riyadh

History paves the path for the future; well, that’s what our ancestors often say; each of the mud bricks of Ad Diriyah tells a story that Sarah tries carefully to hear she appreciates the city’s humble beginnings.

Exploring the ancient architectures in Ad Diriyah, Riyadh

Exploring the ancient architectures in Ad Diriyah, Riyadh

Three Happy Places

Al Olaya
Surrounded by skyscrapers and commercial shops, Sarah enjoys Riyadh’s lively and diverse nature. She heads to the top of the Kingdom tower turns off her camera, and lets her eyes do the capturing. When the view is that beautiful, no camera comes close to the human eye.

Al Murabba
A mixture between apartment buildings, office spaces, and governmental ministries, Al Murabba is one of the melting pots of Riyadh, with people from all over the city heading there for work or even entertainment.

Ad Diriyah
As an architecture student, Sarah appreciates and understands the importance of preserving the past through buildings and monuments. She takes a stroll and gathers references that might help her in her studies in the near future.

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