Riyadh Through A Riyadhi's Eyes

Jou Pabalate

Regional Editorial Manager at Destination Riyadh

Take a ride with Destination, courtesy of Maha Farhoud— A Saudi talent who’s giving us a glimpse of how she sees Riyadh—a burgeoning city waiting to be discovered night after night.

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    If d locals c a family, they don’t dare to trouble. Whenever I go for shopping wid my friends and wen it’s sallah time we r told to go out of d shop n we ladies sit outside d shop n wait. That time I always c a patrol on rounds for d safety of d women. Eating off course I miss shawarma, ku boos, Toledo …pak .restaurants kheema ball, Malaz restaurant, KFC Hardee’s m’c Donald etc n so on. There r some illiterate bad boys also. Once they removed my sons shorts for money n made him naked (10 yrs old) and another time they pushed him on d road 7 boys caught him tightly n one boy put party spray on my sons face. He was going out of breadth. Luckily my second son who went wid him ran came home n told us. Me n my husband went n rescued him. When we approached police, so nice they wer supporting us only. These r few percentage of people who spoil d name of their country. But which country is clean without gundas. Here only upto teenage they r naughty. Once they cross 20 they bcome very decent.
    Overall nice people in a nice country which I really really ( I mean it) miss it. Now I cannot go n visit that heaven coz I lost my husband recently. If given a chance I would luv to go back there. Here in India, with lot of money only u can survive. But Riyadh wid minimal economy u can survive n lead a good life. I miss my Mercedes brand new model car compressor 200. In India I have now Toyota etios. I love u Saudi Arabia Riyadh n miss u too much. God bless Saudi Arabia.

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