Rise & Shine, Ras Tanura!

By Shaistha Khan

A quick travel guide for our local northern gem.

If you’re tired of the hassles of the city and are looking for a quick-getaway without the annoyance of traffic jams, crowds and long lines, just head north. Only 80 kilometers away from Khobar lies the scenic, serene and sleepy town of Ras Tanura.

To make the most of a long weekend and the pleasant weather, we decided to make a half-day trip to Ras Tanura. Arriving at 9 a.m., we headed straight for breakfast, and what better way to start a day trip in a new town than by trying out the local cuisine?maxresdefault

A local falafel shop, simply called Falafel, was our breakfast of choice that morning. We tried their falafel sandwich and we assure you, it’s nothing like you have ever had before. Filled with all the good stuff — crunchy falafel, crisp French fries and cabbage, hot sauce, tahini, pickles and more.FruitFarm_Rastanura_2017_AA-2

For some wholesome goodness, we decided to try out the new juice shop in town that everyone was raving about. Juice farm offers a variety of fresh fruit juices; we tried their cocktail juice, and undoubtedly it is worth the hype!

Rastanura_2017_AA-1After a hearty breakfast, we headed to the beach. The nip in the air, the soothing winds, the breathtaking sky and azure-blue sea; we could feel the stress just evaporate from our bodies. We made ourselves comfortable and engaged in a good old game of cards, some board games and intimate chit-chat.

After spending a few leisurely hours at the beach, we drove around the local town, known as Rahima, where we spotted several open-area souks, with vendors selling freshly-picked fruits, locally-grown vegetables, aromatic ouds and perfumes, second-hand electronics and other knick-knacks.

Rastanura_2017_AA-9There are two main shopping areas in Rahima— nicknamed Men’s street and Women’s street. Men’s apparels, sporting goods and electronic stores are on Men’s street and women’s clothing, gold souks and household items are available on Women’s street.FishMarket_Rastanura_2017_AA-2

When talking about local produce and foods, the fish market is not to be missed. Bustling with sights, sounds and smells, the fish market is a unique experience. While there, we picked up some of the best hamour that the sea had to offer.

Speaking of fish, don’t forget to check out the best fish restaurant in Rahima, which will serve your fish any way you want it — fried, grilled, steamed, you name it. Pair your fish with the best fattoush around and you will remember this meal for a long time to come!FishShop_Rastanura_2017_AA-1

Having spent a laid-back, enjoyable and inexpensive day in Ras Tanura, we headed back to Khobar, already reminiscing about the fun we had and looking forward to the next time we take a tip back up north.

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