Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Riding Motorcycle in Saudi Arabia

Riding Motorcycle in Saudi Arabia

Riding Motorcycle in Saudi Arabia. Gear up, Riding season is here.

The deep rumble coming from exhaust pipes, the thump of the engines, wrapped in leather or shoulder-padded jackets, patched vests, gloves, helmets and protective boots, the motorcycle riders are definitely going to be parading the streets of Jeddah more often than the past months, turning heads and allowing their machines to establish a lifestyle that is considered a minority.

Today, motorcycles aren’t just less expensive and a more convenient means of transportation. It has evolved into a symbol of freedom, an expression of individuality and another way of making trips more exciting.

It might come as a surprise to some, especially those who aren’t aware of the sub-culture, but Saudi Arabia actually has its own community of Motorcycle Enthusiasts.Riding Motorcycle in Saudi Arabia

Depending on your style preference, like sport bikes, cruisers, all-terrain adventure bikes or motocross, it’s easy to find like-minded groups that welcome you into their tight-knit, family-oriented circle.

According to Sarry Shabban, one of Saudi’s veteran riders, there are plenty of upcoming events and activities since the community has been growing in recent times. Shabban has ridden all over Saudi Arabia’s roads, constantly travelling cross-country on his motorcycle. In his own words, “I ride because it’s my way of meditating, whenever I’m wearing my gear, feeling the wind against my face and twisting the throttle on the open roads, it’s like complete tranquility. I highly recommend everyone to give it a try.”Riding Motorcycle in Saudi Arabia

Local dealerships offer training courses for first-time riders for riding motorcycle in saudi arabia to further enhance riding skills and minimize the possibilities of accidents. They also have the means to guide you into participating at a more complex and advanced Riding Course such as the MotoGym Khana and the TopGun.

Community events and social gatherings are organized every now and then for all bikers of different backgrounds to get together. Earlier this year, the 1st Jeddah Bike Week was launched in King Abdullah Economic City where motorcyclists were given the chance to perform their stunts and showcase their skills, and families were able to enjoy games, garage sales and bike shows.Riding Motorcycle in Saudi Arabia

Riding motorcycle in saudi arabia become easy. The Kingdom offers wide roads in between deserts, curvy back roads of mountains and a lot of dry land waiting to be experienced by two-wheelers. Being on a bike is a different experience, like bikers always say: If I have to explain it to you, you just won’t understand.

So if you’re tired of spending your days caged in your vehicle, cooped up in the office or simply bored of the daily hustle and bustle, do yourself a favor and get away on a motorcycle for a mini-vacation. You might find yourself looking forward to the weekend for adventurous rides across the country or in your city.Riding Motorcycle in Saudi Arabia


for Café-hopping on a Motorcycle (Inside Jeddah)

  1. Mcdonald’s, North Obhour
  2. Mobile Kiosk, South Obhour
  3. Starbucks Atallah Center, Corniche
  4. Starbucks Sary Gate, Sary St.
  5. Well Done Burgers, Prince Sultan St.


to take on a Motorcycle (Outside Jeddah)

  1. Abha
  2. Taif
  3. Barzah Village
  4. Al-Ula City
  5. Al-Qattan

_arl0459TOP 5 TIPS

for Beginner Riders

  1. Wear proper Gear (Helmets, Jackets, Boots and Gloves)
  2. Don’t go cheap on Gear (Especially Helmets!)
  3. Stay calm & vigilant on the roads
  4. Never become over- confident on the road
  5. Always pack water and sun block!

If you wish to get into riding motorcycle in saudi arabia but don’t know how to ride yet, contact your preferred Motorcycle dealership for assistance or Saudi Arabia’s certified Motorcycle Riding Instructor, Karim Clyde

Mob: +966 50 240 7963

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Riding Motorcycle in Saudi Arabia

Motorcycle Clubs and Groups in Jeddah


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