Reviving Authentic Hijazi Tastes at Thamarat Restaurant

Thamarat has become one of the region’s most recognizable brands for traditional food, with over 30 years of experience in the industry.


Al Thamarat’s latest fine dining restaurant will captivate you with its narrative of succulent and timeless flavors of Hejaz. Historically, the constant flow of pilgrims settling, merging and integrating with the families of Hejaz has given it a unique, multicultural and rich heritage, which can be seen in its cuisine.

11What makes Al Thamarat restaurant special? The chefs are trained under the skilled hands of elder members of Hejazi families and that’s what results in Al Thamarat’s authentic Hejazi flavor.

The new Al Thamarat gourmet restaurant immerses you in a cultural experience. The interior of the restaurant combines antiques from Hejazi households collected from the families of Hejaz, as well as artworks that, created by Sarah Mohanna Al Abdal, that express the culture and stand tall adorning the restaurant’s walls. The blend of food with local culture will truly accentuate your dining experience.


12Prophet Ibrahim’s prayer is the inspiration behind the restaurant’s name, and it adds to the restaurant’s sense of antiquity. The elaborate menu of authentic dishes is presented to the diners by waiting staff dressed in Hejaz inspired outfits.


No meal is more important to local Hejazis than a rich breakfast table filled with a variety of dishes. Offering age-old favorites of different types of fool, masoub, tamees, mitabaq and shakshookas to lesser-known dishes found only in Hejazi homes such as the shi’reyyah, mush and hareesah, the dishes are never complete without a side pot of fresh Madini red herb tea. Breakfast at Al Thamarat is the perfect start to your day.


13For either lunch or dinner, the first item on your plate should always be the traditional meat stuffed dumpling known as mantu. Another must-have is the bedinjan aswad bil-laban entrée; a dish of mashed ripe eggplants served in mildly spiced laban.


14Any Hejazi meal must be complemented by soup. Satisfy this tradition by trying out their shorbat hab, a blend of barley and meat cooked in a Hejazi spiced tomato soup. The main courses are elaborately put together offering a variety of fattah dishes each with its own taste indulgence. Hareesat Molokhiah, and of course the Kabab Meero with its unique spices is not to be missed.


15The chefs at Thamarat know the importance of desserts in a Hejazi meal. Diners must try the ghorbaliyyah, a pastry filled with almonds, sugar and cardamom, coated with sweet syrup. The halawa turki, made from roasted sugary dough, is the fine finish to your traditional dining experience.


16Proudly serving traditional food in a fine dining setting, Thamarat Restaurant seems ready to revolutionize the fine dining scene in Jeddah.


Seafood lovers will not feel left out at Thamarat because they will enjoy the matfi samak. The combination of fish, which is cooked in tamarind sauce and special spices, is  accompanied by the sure delight of the sayyadiah rice.

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