Return to Allah

Reaffirm and solidify your iman with these tips.

Have you ever felt like you’ve reached a low point in your faith? After being a very enthusiastic gainer of good deeds, you are becoming lenient and your enthusiasm is fading?

I’ve felt that many times. I’m sure we all do. That’s pretty common to feel that way. Iman is just like a roller coaster, sometimes it goes up making us feel content and sometimes it goes down and low, a danger zone. Yes. I call that a danger zone, and it is a must for us to take steps to come out of that perilous zone.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to follow Allah’s commands. We indulge in the comforts of this world, shrugging off everything related to the after-life.

It is usual for us to become lackadaisical in following and abiding Allah’s commands; it is human nature to sin and to err.shutterstock_286905821

  • Open the Quran and see what Allah wants to tell you:

The Quran is the nourishment of every person’s soul, the light of the heart and guidance to the straight path.

Allah SAW says:

“Indeed, this Quran guides to that which is most suitable.” [Quran: Chapter 17, Verse 9]

Whenever you feel like you are losing your energy and that your performance is starting to drop, quickly turn to the Quran and you will always find a way out.

  • Read Islamic Books:

There are a variety of books that one can buy from bookshops or kiosks. Try reading stories of the prophets and companions. They’re interesting to read and give us knowledge.

  • Sit with those who learn and practise Islam:

A man learns the best from his friends.

As cliché as it sounds, the reality is, the more time we spend with a person, the more prone we are to adopting their habits.

The bottom line is: spend time with those who learn and preach Islam.dua

  • Make dua.

Dua is the weapon of a believer. Make dua during prostration. Pray that your Iman be high and make dua that you be persistent in gaining good deeds and in pleasing Allah.

I ask Allah to make us better practising Muslims than what we were yesterday.

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