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Restaurants In Balad That You Must-Try At-least Once

Restaurants In Balad That You Must-Try At-least Once
Balad is an interesting mix of Jeddah’s quick rise to modernity and its rich past. The modern side is confined to the west where most of its vibrant shopping centers stand and its past is confined to the Historic Jeddah area. The thing that both the places have in common is lip-smacking food.
If you ever happen to find yourself in Balad, you can trust this list to satiate your gastronomical cravings. There are other regular fast food chains there like KFC, Al Baik and Tazaj in Balad, but to truly feel the Balad vibe you’ve got to try the food at these places.

Nagi Al Harbi

For over 50 years this restaurant has been selling authentic Hejazi Kebabs. Visitors can even see the kebabs made in front of them from scratch: right from the mincing of the meat to skewering and cooking them over charcoal. Their kebabs are equally well complimented by the delectable tahina sauce. Plus, they recently launched a spicy version of the kebabs which we definitely recommend you to try if you can handle spicy food.

Coordinates: 21.489282, 39.188816


If you are in Balad with your family and are looking for a place where you can get a good dining experience; then head to Holidays Restaurant in Balad. Serving primarily South Indian delicacies, this restaurant is where one can get to fully experience the enigmatic flavors and spices of India. True gourmands in search of authentic South Indian food will be in their element here. While some of the items on the menu may be a bit hard to pronounce, the food is truly scrumptious – that’s the main thing that matters, isn’t it?

Coordinates: 21.481368, 39.184018

Shawarma Al Arkan

Lip smacking shawarmas backed with soft drinks that you’ve never seen in your life is what one can expect here. It looks like a regular corner shop serving shawarma like any other shawarma place, but the first bite in and you’ll realize that there is something special about this. Located in the heart of Balad, adjacent to Corniche Commercial Center, this is the perfect place for a takeaway to appease your snacking needs.

Coordinates: 21.484940, 39.182034

Historic Jeddah Bakery

Perched in a small alley, this is a popular bakery amongst tourists as it is one of the oldest bakeries in the city. Some even believe it to be the oldest in Jeddah. We bet you haven’t seen many of the breads that are served at this bakery. Most of the varieties here are of hard bread, but even those who are not used to such kinds of bread can be seen enjoying its delectable tastes. A must try here is the Kak Sukar, which is a sweet bread that tastes best with tea.

Fool Fatah

Fool, tameez, mutabaq, masoub and hummus – this place has got you covered. The food is like a culinary celebration of vegetarian specialties of Arabian cuisine. Sitting right on the northern end of Ad Dahab Street, Fool Fatah is a common stopover on tourist trails of Historic Jeddah. The idea here is to offer traditional food made from time tested recipes that are used since decades. The waiting staff wears traditional Hejazi outfits and many of the old residents of the area can be seen sitting on the outdoor dining area like they have in the very same restaurant for ages. Also, while you’re there don’t forget to try its aromatic tea.

Coordinates: 21.488854, 39.185025

Rukun Ash Shawli

Craving Asian food while in Balad? This is the restaurant for you. With indoor and outdoor dining options – this restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. The indoor sitting area is often crammed with tables groaning with East Asian delicacies. The dishes on offer are too many, leaving diners with questions on which ones to settle for? Sitting right beneath the Corniche Commercial Center, the place is like somewhere in between a roadside vendor and an upmarket restaurant, perhaps that’s the reason for its success.

Coordinates: 21.485404, 39.181920



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