Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Regional Adventures All the Way to the Top

Regional Adventures All the Way to the Top

Hiking and climbing across the Arab world should be on everyone’s bucket-list.


Edge of The WorldIMG_0907

Where: Riyadh
Best Time To Go: Fall and winter; the cooler the better.

The metaphor of Edge of the World perfectly depicts the wondrous mountain, Jabal Tuwaiq, better described as the Tuwaiq escarpment. It adapted the name Edge of the World for its natural aesthetic.

Driving to the location is recommended in a 4×4 vehicle because the road is difficult, rocky and long. Also, climbers should go with a group or someone who has already been to the spot before. Many times, hotels can help with such arrangements. It takes about two hours to get to Tuwaiq, a minimum of two hours to explore the location and two hours to get back. The Tuwaiq escarpment has been compared to the Grand Canyon so it is likely to be just as thrilling.

Note: Using GPS could be tricky as network services could re-appear and disappear the further people go.

Shada Mountain

Where: Al Makhwah
Best Time To Go: Fall, winter or spring; summer could be too hot.

Al Makhwah city is one of Saudi’s most underrated areas. So, it’s time to shed some necessary light. The complete distance of the Shada Mountain is about 7 km with serious inclinations to be considered.

It is the perfect mountain for climbing enthusiasts and those with a thirst for a challenging adventure. One can climb, hike, mountain bike, walk or picnic on this scenic post. The scenery is definitely worth the journey.

Shafa Mountain

shifaWhere: Taif
Best Time To Go: All year round.

The drive to the mountain is long, but definitely worth it. Shafa Mountain is a family friendly place perfect for brief walks and a picnic. It offers a stunning view and great weather. Also, make sure you get a jacket because it can get cold.

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Arabian Treks
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Qimmam Club
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Saudi Tourism



petraWhere: Southern Jordan
Best Time To Go: October to April

One of Jordan’s historical landmarks is the Lost City of Stone, better known as Petra.

It is the most visited and favorable tourist attraction in Jordan. The hikes, climbs and walks taken, could lead to secretive and exciting trails.. Buildings from centuries ago are still monumentally standing. The Jordan Tourism Board estimates that it would take around four to five days in order to explore every aspect of Petra.

It’s important to note that cars are not allowed in the city. One can either walk or hire a horse-carriage. However, walking is recommended to truly experience the fascinating city.

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Mount Sinai

mount-sinaiWhere: Sinai
Best Time To Go: Fall, winter or spring; summer could be too hot.

This is an uphill battle for an uphill hike. As soon as one gets to the top, watching the sunrise is a definite goal. In fact, it is popular that many people go for the hike before dawn, in order to catch the sunrise.

Mount Catherine

mount-sinai-egyptWhere: Outskirts of Egypt, Saint Catherine City
Best Time To Go: Fall, winter or spring; summer could be too hot.

Mount Catherine is the tallest mountain in Egypt. Surprisingly, its height does not capture as many explorers as Mount Sinai. The views and scenery from Mount Catherine are just as breathtaking. It could be that Mount Catherine is more of a struggle in terms of climbing when compared to Mount Sinai.

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Dahab Excursions

The Hiking Club
Instagram: thehikingclubeg


Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve

LebanonWhere: Barouk Mountain Slopes, Chouf District
Best Time To Go: All year round

This is one of Lebanon’s largest nature reserves. The reserve is uniquely comprised of four cedar forests. The hikes are refreshing and have been deemed as some of the greatest experiences. The hiking experience has been described as walking amongst and above the clouds.

Jannet Chouwen

Lebanon-1Where:  Ftouh Keserwan, 40 km away from Beirut
Best Time To Go: All year round

For those looking for breathtakingly beautiful scenery and a grand sense of adventure, this one is for you. The hike would take about three hours. The haven is covered in an assortment of beautiful plants with a clear river flowing along, one that can be used for swimming.

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Vamos Todos

Adventures in Lebanon
Facebook: AdventuresinLebanon



Hadash-oman-١Where: Hadash
Best Time To Go: Fall, winter or spring; summer could be too hot.

Hadash village is a couple of hours outside Muscat. It’s filled with wondrous mountains. Park your car outside the village and explore a different side of Oman. The views from the mountain are beautiful and highly recommended. Additionally, there are several rock climbs that any adventure junkie would definitely enjoy.

Khubra Canyon

khbrahWhere: An Hour Away From Muscat
Best Time To Go: Fall, winter or spring; summer could be too hot.

It is also known as the “secret canyon.” The weather is beautiful and the climbs are eligible from beginner climbers to advanced ones.

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– Map, compass and GPS
– Plenty of food and water
– Flashlight
– Warm clothes
– Sunscreen
– First Aid Kit


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